10 Best Restaurants In Weimar, Germany

Appetizers at Tara | Courtesy of Restaurant Tara
Appetizers at Tara | Courtesy of Restaurant Tara
Photo of Lani Seelinger
9 February 2017

Weimar is one of Germany’s most beautiful cities and a worthy stop on any tour through the country. While you’re there, you can’t miss the local Thuringian cuisine. Weimar has an excellent selection of restaurants – here are our 10 favorites.

Erbenhof Restaurant & Café

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Erbenhof offers you the best of Thuringian cuisine in a building that dates back to the 18th century, but instead of a raucous beer hall, you get a calm and elegant setting for a quiet, luxurious meal. Fitting with their regional focus, they like to keep the ingredients local as well. Because of that, their menu has to constantly change to reflect the food that is seasonally available, and you’ll benefit from both the creativity and dedication that goes into the creation of each dish. Their wine and drinks menu is also one of their major draws – really, your best option is just to come and make a whole evening of it.

Scharfe Ecke Weimar

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Sometimes, traditional cooking is best enjoyed in the traditional way. When that’s what you crave, come to Scharfe Ecke Weimar for delicious renditions of Thuringian meals, the same way that they’ve been made for centuries. This restaurant can get quite busy, so your best option is either to make a reservation or come at an off-peak time. Particularly recommended is the Schweinebraten mit Klosschen, a regional dish that they do excellently at Scharfe Ecke. Although you’ll find a lot of meat on the menu, they also have vegetarian and even vegan options here.

Zum Siechenbrau

Informal, inexpensive, yet extremely delicious – this is what you’ll find at Zum Siechenbrau. Their menu consists mostly of regional favorites, and you’ll love the low-key, comfortable environment. Their take on the Central European favorite that is gulash, with the Turinger klosse sausage added in, is not something that you’ll want to miss. You won’t find an extensive menu here, but that means that the things on it have made it through an extensive vetting process. Before you leave, make sure you try their homemade garlic brandy – something that certainly has to be tasted to be believed.

Zum Siechenbrau, Ferdinand-Freiligrath-Str 17, Weimar, Germany, +49 3643 903387

Gourmetrestaurant Anna Amalia

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Anna Amalia represents the peak of fine dining in Weimar. A Michelin star recipient every year since 2003, this gourmet restaurant offering Italian food with local influences should be your first stop if a truly luxurious and memorable meal is what you’re after. The chef has studied with some of the top chefs worldwide, and the knowledge and experience that he brought back to his native Thuringia has made him the best chef in the region. Some of the highlights of the menu include delicate seafood dishes, excellent wine pairings, and desserts that are absolutely too delicious to pass up.

Alte Remise Tiefurt

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You might think you know what to expect out of a gastropub, and then you try Alte Remise Tiefurt, and you realize that there was a whole new level that you were totally missing. This charmingly rustic restaurant sets itself apart with a deep attention to detail in every regard, from the friendly and prompt service to the beautifully prepared dishes – you’ll think you’re eating pieces of artwork. Their passion for eating locally means that you’ll get a menu that’s changing all the time, and they often have special events with menus that are prepared especially for the occasion.

Creperie de Palais

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Sometimes you need a crepe fix – and when you do, Creperie de Palais will more than do the job. To start with, the restaurant is decorated like a house in the French countryside, with a vibe that will immediately make you feel welcome. Then have a look at their menu, where you’ll find all sorts of sweet and savory crepes, but it doesn’t stop there. You can get quiches, baguettes, breakfast platters, cheese plates, and even soup. The ingredients are all as fresh as possible, which you’ll be able to tell as soon as you dig into whatever you chose.

Kostritzer Schwarzbierhaus

It’s not every day that you get to eat a meal in a building that dates back to the 16th century, especially one that’s been so lovingly taken care of as Kostritzer Schwarzbierhaus. Thanks to their abundance of space and cheerful atmosphere, there’s really no better place in Weimar to sit down, relax, and have a beer. You’ll find both traditional Thuringian food and seasonal treats, so there’s plenty to soak up the beer that you’ll inevitably be drinking. It’s really best in the summer, though, when you can take advantage of their terrace and beer garden. Have an occasion to celebrate? You won’t find a better place to do it, as they’re ideally suited to handling bigger groups of people.

Kostritzer Schwarzbierhaus, Scherfgasse 4, Weimar, Germany, +49 3643 779337

Shiva Indian Restaurant

Shiva Indian Restaurant is the place of choice for Indian food lovers who also want something meaty in their meal. They have a menu full of all your favorites from the world of Indian cuisine, plus probably a number of extra ones that you’ve never heard of. During the summer, you can come eat outside in their beer garden and enjoy the taste of curry in the fresh air. If you come during the winter, you’ll get a sumptuously decorated interior, with plenty of bright colors and thriving plants. Not so familiar with Indian food? The servers will be happy to make recommendations for you.

Shiva Tandoor Restaurant, Fuldaer Str 187, Weimar, Germany, +49 3643 9085738

LAVA Soul Kitchen Weimar

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One of Weimar’s newest additions, LAVA Soul Kitchen Weimar is quickly climbing through the ranks of the local food scene. LAVA offers a true fusion of chic, modern dining with your favorite neighborhood burger restaurant. As burgers are what they specialize in, they have a lot of fun with different flavor combinations. If you’re in the mood for something else, you’ll also find a great variety of other meaty dishes like steaks, or an enticing salad menu if you’re looking for something on the lighter side. Add in their exquisite presentation, and you’ve got yourself a truly memorable meal.

Tara Indian Veg Dhaba

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Appetizers at Tara
Appetizers at Tara | Courtesy of Restaurant Tara
Weimar’s best cuisine isn’t all Thuringian. For a little spice of a different kind, try Tara Indian Dhaba, a vegetarian Indian restaurant that recently opened up in town. It’s quickly become popular for its customer service, attention to detail, and of course excellent food. You can come for their very inexpensive daily curry at lunch time, or come for a full dinner; this is an especially great place for a big group, as you can just get all the dishes you want and then share them. Don’t forget to get a lassi (a typical Indian drink) with your meal – they have a delicious lime and cardamom lassi that you certainly won’t find every day.