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Urban Landscapes: The Architecture And People That Shape Berlin
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Urban Landscapes: The Architecture And People That Shape Berlin

Picture of Alessia Baccellini, Berenike Melchior, Xenia Zodamm.
Local photographers have been bustling around Berlin, capturing the city’s most unexpected cityscapes, its urban art, and those you-had-to-be-there moments with the people of Berlin. An insight into what makes these urban landscapes special, these photos capture the gray light and colorful life of Berlin.

Our two featured photographers are young up-and-coming Berliners, Xenia Zodamn and Berenike Melchior, whose styles have a certain similarity: strong symmetry and intense colors, a chromatic approach to the City that gives new insight into familiar scenes. Our selection tries to avoid the frequent tropes that tend reoccur with photography of Berlin: the Fernseherturm, the river and East Side Gallery…

Despite this, the photographers haven’t avoided the most memorable aspects of Berlin: the architecture along the Spree, Berlin’s parties, the City’s tradition of demonstrations and citizen movements, Teufelsberg, and the Holocaust Memorial. An eclectic mix of urban landscapes that showcase the City’s true charm.

By Claudia Claros