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Urban Hedonism: Photography By Oliver Rath
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Urban Hedonism: Photography By Oliver Rath

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Updated: 24 April 2017
Born in 1978 in Heidelberg, Oliver Rath first tried his luck as a DJ and producer in his early twenties. When he travelled to New York in 1995, he discovered his passion (and talent) for photography. In 2012, he opened a gallery and is now one of the most celebrated artists in Berlin, his work ranging from fashion editorials to snapshots. A gifted autodidact, Rath has worked with many influential leaders in music, fashion and high society, Karl Lagerfeld being an example. Rath does not shy away from controversial motifs, often criticizing modern society with his art.
Wilson Ochsenknecht
Wilson Ochsenknecht | Courtesy of Oliver Rath
French Bulldog
French Bulldog | Courtesy of Oliver Rath
Scooter | Courtesy of Oliver Rath
Joko Winterscheidt
Joko Winterscheidt | Courtesy of Oliver Rath
Palina Rojinski
Palina Rojinski | Courtesy of Oliver Rath
Burnout | Courtesy of Oliver Rath
Smoking | Courtesy of Oliver Rath