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Augsburg | © TheoRivierenlaan / Pixabay
Augsburg | © TheoRivierenlaan / Pixabay
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The Most Unique Experiences in Augsburg, Germany

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Updated: 5 February 2018
Augsburg is a town of many wonders, and the city’s skyline boasts beautiful historic architecture. It is home to the world’s first housing society, and it is a delightfully musical city where a celebration is always happening. It is also one of the most culturally rich cities in Germany, with a very wealthy past. Here, we take a look at the most unique experiences you can have in this ancient city.

Visit a community where rent has been the same for five centuries

The gated community of Fuggerei is very much a part of Augsburg, but it feels like another world. This community is the very first social housing complex in the world and has rows of mustard-yellow houses topped with red roofs, a church, a museum, and a few other buildings. What makes this community amazing is that the residents pay a rent of €0.88 (US$1) per year, honoring a 500-year-old contract drawn out by a wealthy and benevolent entrepreneur from these parts.

Fuggerei | © inkwelldodo / Shutterstock

Attend the awesome Mozart Festival

Augsburg is the birthplace of the great musician Leopold Mozart (the father of Wolfgang Amadeus). To honor this celebrated family, the city hosts a gala Mozart Festival every year. Musicians from all over the world perform Mozart’s work in various locations across Augsburg, in addition to music competitions, exhibitions and more.

See ancient fortifications

In the 16th century, strong fortifications and walls were built to protect the very rich city of Augsburg from invaders. Though a lot of the fortifications have disappeared today, their remnants are still there to remind locals and visitors of Augsburg’s affluent days. Rotes Tor (“red gate”) is one of the sections of the medieval fortifications that is still preserved in an almost-original condition.

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Take part in a huge, colorful folk festival

Plärrer, the folk festival held in Augsburg twice a year for two weeks each, is a riot of fun and colors. Flocks of fun-seekers converge at the fairgrounds to giggle and scream aboard thrilling rides, gorge on yummy goodies, play fun games and watch colorful performances.

Langenmantelstrasse Ecke Kesterstraße, 86153 Augsburg, Germany, +49 821 502070

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Take a dip in an Olympic events river

Augsburg Eiskanal is the first artificial white-water river in the world. It meanders its way to Augsburg from the neighboring city of Munich, and was built for the canoe slalom event during the 1972 Olympics. This region is a favorite haunt for locals and tourists, especially during warm months. You will find flocks of people strolling or picnicking along the banks of the canal, watching kayakers in action, or taking a dip in the canal.

Spickelstraße 1, 86161 Augsburg, Germany

Visit a totally offbeat museum

Internationales Maskenmuseum is nothing like anything you have ever seen. This museum is home to as many as 4,000 masks of a seemingly endless range of shapes, sizes and colors. They have been sourced from all over Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, and Asia. Expect to find masks belonging to the Middle Ages and right up to the modern times.

Lindenstraße, 86420 Diedorf, Germany

Displays at Mask Museum, Augsburg | © A.D. Isaac / Flickr

Lindenstraße, 86420 Diedorf, Germany

Have endless fun at the Modular Festival

Every summer, the city of Augsburg gears up to enjoy the Modular Festival, a youth and pop culture extravaganza that goes on for three days. Upcoming talents as well as famous bands perform at this festival to huge audiences. Additionally, there are workshops, poetry competitions, talks, and exhibitions.