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UBahn Colour: Berlin's Colourful Underbelly
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UBahn Colour: Berlin's Colourful Underbelly

Picture of Sarah Coughlan
Updated: 13 December 2015
For Berliners, it can be easy to feel that the city is a wall of grey. But for photographer Claudio Galamini, the city’s public transport hides some of the Hauptstadt’s most vibrant colours, snaking beneath the city everyday.

Südstern, Kreuzberg

Red Wedding

Jungfernheide, Charlottenburg

Paulsternstraße, Spandau

Paradestraße, by Tempelhofer Feld

Wilmersdorfer Straße in West Berlin

Opera, anyone? Charlottenburg

Futuristic in Wedding

The famous Zoo UBahn

Innsbrucker Platz, Schöneberg