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Santorini ©  Andrea De la Parra/Shutterstock
Santorini © Andrea De la Parra/Shutterstock
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Travel Photos From These Locations Are Proven to Improve Your Dating Profile

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 27 July 2017
If you’re looking for love in the modern age, you need a decent profile for one or all of the dating apps out there. And for the travelers, you may have a secret weapon you didn’t even know about.

Research from Hinge, a relationship app, suggests that people with travel photos get more likes and interactions, and snaps from certain locations work better than others.

Hinge found that only 3.4 percent of photos on the dating app are travel photos, despite the fact that images with location tags get 30 percent more likes on the platform.

For American women, photos of Maui in Hawaii are the most popular, getting 60 percent more likes than an average photo. Internationally, women are best showing off their holiday snaps from Santorini in Greece, as they’re 93 percent more likely to get likes.

Maui | © Kalen Emsley/Unsplash

For the guys, the most popular place to boast you’ve been to is Munich, which raises the chances a photo will be liked by a staggering 210 percent. Within the U.S., men with photos from Portland are 56 percent more likely to get likes.

Munich | ©Jazzmany/Shutterstock

“Since it’s summer and people are busy traveling, we were curious to know if our Members connected more or less over travel photos,” says Jean-Marie McGrath, Hinge’s Director of Communications. “We found that travel photos were extremely rare but highly effective – confirming that our Members should share the awesome travel experiences they’re having with their connections.”