Top 10 Things to Do And See On Oranienstraße

Top 10 Things to Do And See On Oranienstraße
Oranienstraße runs through the heart of Kreuzberg from Görlitzer Bahnhof to a few streets from Checkpoint Charlie. The Kreuzberg district is often seen as capturing the rawest spirit of Berlin, with its entangled and complicated history and central to anti-establishment communities. Though the city has changed a lot, Oranienstraße is still key to capturing the essence of Kreuzberg. With everything from bars, museums and urban gardens running along it, we give you a run down of the places worth stopping when you’re in the area.
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Max und Moritz

If you’re looking for authentic, hearty German food, Max und Moritz is the place to go. Named after the Willhelm Busch cartoon characters, Max und Moritz offer an excellent range of classic German food from schnitzel and spätzel to goulash and Kutschergulasch. As well as having excellent food, the restaurant itself is beautiful, a typical beer house open since 1902. For the food, the character and the beer, this place is unmissable.

Oranienstrasse 162, 10969 Berlin, Germany


A go-to for artists or DIYers alike, Modulor has an unbounding supply of everything from textiles to niche stationary needs and extensive art supplies. Whether you’re looking for something in particular or wanting to walk around in awe, it’s a wonderful place to get hold of any useful or curious creation you will likely never use but are sure you’ve always needed.

Prinzenstraße 85, 10969 Berlin, Germany (Located just off Oranienstraße)

Santa Maria

In need of Tuesdays with tequila and tacos? Santa Maria will provide and they make it all too easy. With special 1€ Taco Tuesdays, their selection and quality is well up to scratch and hard to beat in the city. With some of the best margheritas, and a ton of vegetarian options too, Santa Maria is a worthy stopping point along the street. It’s worth booking ahead, or getting there before it gets packed out in the evening, as this place, unsurprisingly, fills up quickly.

Oranienstraße 170, 10999 Berlin, Germany


When in search of furry walls, neon flashing Virgin Mary iconography and leopard skin textile additions, you need look no further than Roses. If the powerfully kitsch décor is not enough to sway you, the experience of this tiny, lively, often cramped bar is one worth trying at least once. Attracting a cluster of characters, a stop at Roses will be wonderful and curious, at the least.

Oranienstraße 187, 10999 Berlin, Germany


Since the summer of 2009, this previously empty plot of land has been part of an urban gardening movement. After 60 years of disuse, 100 volunteers got together to clear up the rubbish and transform it into the garden it is today. Since then, it’s expanded with a café and more and more volunteers joining. In supporting awareness for sustainability and helping give back to the city you live in, swing by and lend a hand to the volunteers or take a break in the café.

Prinzenstrasse 35 – 38, 10969 Berlin, Germany

Museum der Dinge

Werkbundarchiv – museum of things, Berlin
Werkbundarchiv – museum of things, Berlin | © Libertinus/WikiCommons
This tiny museum in the heart of Kreuzberg is an unusual treasure and well worth the visit. A tour of familiar and unfamiliar objects, Museum der Dinge displays items of design significance from the 20th century. For those interested in design, and those not, an hour’s stop in a collection of intriguingly arranged accumulations, and challenging perceptions of everyday objects, is time well spent.
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Of all the bars on Oranienstraße, SO36 might be the most popular. A renowned LGBTQ venue, SO36 offers everything from bingo or Balkan music to night flea markets and after work rollerstaking disco. An historic institution, visited by Iggy Pop and David Bowie in the 1970s, and continuing as a music venue to this day, whether you go for a simple beer or one of their events, SO36 represents a huge part of Berlin culture and is worth checking out.

Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin, Germany


For crêpes and waffles, Cassonade is the way to go. A pretty simple and straightforward stop on Oranienstraße, but ideal for brunch or just the usual waffle fix, this little gem is not expensive, and is in the heart of an area with lots to observe. The recommendation is to go crêpe with nutella, as Cassonade conquer the classic. With sweet and savoury options, you can take a seat at Cassonade whether you’re coming or going, just got up or calling it a day.

Oranienstraße 199, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Modern Graphics

Modern Graphics is a haven for all in search of English and German comics. With Marvel, Manga, alternative German comics and graphic novels, it is very easy to lose track of hours and euros in here. Even for those who are not fully fledged fanatics, this little bookshop is stacked with extensive collections and you are sure to find a wonderful corner to appreciate, or to be inducted into the comic book world.

Oranienstraße 22, 10999 Berlin, Germany

Angry Chicken

Simultaneously innovative and straight up simple, Angry Chicken doesn’t disappoint if you’re looking for chicken and spice. With an easy going, vibrant atmosphere and cartoon covered walls, Angry Chicken is a perfect point to pit stop, unsurprisingly with a whole range of amazing chicken recipes but vegetarian and vegan options too. Grab a Soju Pop In A Bag – a cocktail with lime and ginger beer – and cinnamon spiced chicken, frequent favourites and unlike any others in the city.

Oranienstraße 16, 10999 Berlin, Germany
By Harriet Blackmore