Top 10 Things To Do And See In Stuttgart, Germany

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9 February 2017

Stuttgart is the capital city of Baden-Württemberg in southwest Germany, and has a reputation among Germans as a city full of well-dressed and extremely competitive professionals. While the locals may indeed work hard, the city is incredibly down to earth and a real pleasure for anyone to visit. We bring you the top ten things to do and see in Stuttgart, a city where people from all walks of life can find and celebrate their common ground.

Mercedes Benz Museum Racing cars and trucks | © Flickr/mangopulp2008

Mercedes Benz Museum

This museum is somewhat of a pilgrimage site for car enthusiasts – and it’s no wonder. Every floor of the building, which in itself is a remarkable feat of engineering, pays homage to one of the most beautiful and influential cars ever built. The museum sheds light not only on the evolution and mechanics of the models but also how this brand and its founder, Mercedes-Daimler-Benz, have played an instrumental role in the shaping of modern German history. The cars are arranged in exciting formations and even those less keen on cars cannot fail to be taken in by the exhibits.

Mercedes Benz Museum, Mercedesstrasse 100, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany, +49 711 1730000

Wilhelma Zoo And Botanical Gardens

In Wilhelma Zoo and Botanical Gardens you can achieve a feeling of complete relaxation, while also being thoroughly entertained. There is an expanse of stunning gardens and intricate greenhouses, and the striking 19th century-style architecture to explore and enjoy before visiting the many members of the animal kingdom who call this zoo home. All animals here are completely content and their antics from within their safe settings will amaze and greatly amuse you. Look out for the majestic African elephants and the acrobatic gibbons, who arch across their enclosure, to the humble horses and brilliantly colored tropical birds.

Stuttgart City Library | © jwltr freiburg/Flickr

Stuttgart City Library

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Sepulchral Chapel
Sepulchral Chapel | © Matt Drobnik/Flickr
Stuttgart City Library is so far removed from the various library clichés with its marvelous, minimalist approach to decoration and books from all different authors and printers from around the world on all subjects conceivable. This library wants to be visited; there are even lockers in the basements so that visitors and tourists can just relax and enjoy their reading. The snacks from the cafeteria are wonderful and on sunny days visitors can have the delight of reading on the open roof top terrace, which boasts a stunning view and a wonderful atmosphere.

Sepulchral Chapel

A beautiful and understated building in Stuttgart with a tragic story. The lovely Chapel is the resting place of a former king and queen of Württemberg and their young daughter. Legend has it that the young queen died of a broken heart when she discovered that her beloved husband was engaged in an extra-marital affair. The king, racked with remorse, built this chapel to house her tomb in a beautiful natural spot, overlooked by his own chamber. Today, this chapel is surrounded by vineyards and astonishing scenery. Visitors can still see where the pair were laid to rest but also enjoy the amazing views.
Sepulchral Chapel, Württembergstraße 340, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 337149

Schloss Solitude

Stuttgart Palace, also known as The Schloss of Solitude, is a glorious place to visit on the outskirts of Stuttgart and fascinating in-depth tours inside the building are available regularly. Originally built by a former duke of Württemberg as a private hunting lodge, there are all kinds of prizes and paraphernalia to behold once you get inside. The surrounding gardens and woods are also a real treat to explore, especially with loved ones. You can trek along the well beaten paths and enjoy the beautiful city views from afar.

Schloss Solitude, Solitude 1, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 696699

Rubble Hill

This site puts into perspective the extent of the damage caused in Germany by bombing during the Second World War. All the rubble, which was all that remained of the early industrial town of Stuttgart after the devastating attacks, was dumped here. Today Rubble Hill is a monument and a reminder to today’s generation of the hardships of war. Many visitors come to pay respect to those who lived and died during this time.

Rubble Hill, Southwest Corner, Stuttgart, Germany

St John’s Church

This stunning Gothic church, which can be seen perfectly reflected in the Lake of Feursee which surrounds it, dates back to the 19th century. It was carefully rebuilt after it was struck by bombs during the Second World War. The Tower of Johanneskirche was deliberately left unfinished as a kind of war memorial. The details inside have been expertly restored and visitors are in for a real treat. The stain glass windows are a true marvel.

St John’s Church, Gutenbergstraße 16, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 628019

House of History

This museum is a little off the beaten track. It’s a real interactive space with excellent exhibitions and fascinating information. It’s truly a pleasure to see the rich history of Baden-Württemberg brought to life with such creativity and delivered to visitors with such pride. There are all kinds of artifacts on display here, from film fragments, to original historical documents, to real life interviews. Modern technology has been so expertly integrated into the presentation of this information, creating all kinds of dramatic effects and ensuring you get the absolute maximum out of your time there, with the ingenious audio aids which advise visitors on which section of the Museum they should visit next. It’s refreshing to see a museum that has evidently gone to great lengths to excite children, teenagers and adults alike, and the House of History is a real treasure trove because of it.

House of History, Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 16, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 2123989

Neckar Park

Map View
Killesberg Park
Killesberg Park | © Landeshauptstadt Stuttgart/Flickr
Even though this famous park really comes alive twice a year, with the arrivals of the amazing and legendary Beer Festivals of April and September, there’s always a real buzz about the place, especially on match days. After all, what is not to enjoy about this wonderful place, teaming with jolly Germans in traditional dress and free flowing, reasonably priced beer and numerous fair ground rides. Entrance is free and many locals flock here on warm days to enjoy the great atmosphere and company.

Killesberg Park

Map View
A gorgeous green space in the City of Stuttgart, with lush lawns stretching all the way to the horizon, interrupted only by vibrant flower patches and grand old trees. There are all kinds of ways to enjoy your day in this delightful park, be it sunbathing in the summer or swimming in the outdoor pool, catching the mini train, which runs through the park and promises to thrill the kids, much like the creative play park, or simply walking through the gardens leisurely and appreciating the gentle beauty of nature. The park is incredibly welcoming and diverse, with relaxed cafés and beer gardens, and many perfect spots to watch the world go by.

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