Top 10 Things To See And Do In Berlin Mitte
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Top 10 Things To See And Do In Berlin Mitte

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Berlin Mitte is the most diverse district in the German capital, with a wealth of stunning architecture, incredible museums and many chances to catch great live music. We list the best things to see and do in this lively neighborhood.
Reichstag Glass Dome, Berlin ©Wikicommons
Reichstag Glass Dome, Berlin | ©Wikicommons
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A Tour Of The Reichstag

The Reichstag, Germany’s main Parliament building, was not only at the forefront of Germany’s tumultuous modern history, but is also an incredibly beautiful and distinctive building to behold. Today tourists can have the amazing privilege of ascending into the great glass dome and gazing upon the exciting city it is home to, as well as learning a thing or two about the dramatic history.

Platz der Republik 1, 11011 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 22732152

Exterior of Ballhaus Berlin, Prenzlauerberg ©Wikicommons
Exterior of Ballhaus Berlin, Prenzlauerberg | ©Wikicommons
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Ballhaus Berlin

This well kept secret promises a fun, old-fashioned and unconventional night out. Dancing was and still is a significant part of Berlin’s culture and halls like this were all the rage in Germany’s Weimar era, when the economy was booming and the city was lighting up with energy and innovation. Of course, the chandeliers and classic wallpaper make the setting an absolute treat for any visitor.

Chausseestraße 102, 10115 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 2827575

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe ©Wikicommons
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe | ©Wikicommons
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Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Also known as the Holocaust Memorial, this striking space, composed of concrete blocks, covers almost five acres, right in the center of Berlin. It resembles a cemetery and even on a summer’s day, it definitely has a distinctly somber feel.

Cora-Berliner-Straße 1, 10117 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 26394336

Berlin Museum Island
Bode Museum | ©Wikicommons

Museum Island

This dramatic presence on the city skyline is in fact a cluster of beautiful and extensive museums promising to amaze and inspire everybody who visits. Passes for the Museum Island, which also guarantee entry to many other museums and exhibitions around Berlin, can be purchased for a very reasonable sum, allowing visitors to go wherever their inspiration takes them.

Tra Il Kupfergraben E la Sprea C’e L’isola Dei Musei, Il Museumsinsel, Berlin, Germany

Kindertransport Memorial Statue, Berlin ©Wikicommons
Kindertransport Memorial Statue, Berlin | ©Wikicommons
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Kindertransport Memorial Statue

Fashioned from bronze, the Kindertransport Memorial Statue is there to remind visitors of one of the saddest parts of German history. It shows two groups of children about to board a train but tragically, both have very different destinations and fates. Friedrichstrasse Bahnhof was the main international railway station during the Nazi era. This moving and unassuming piece of art is visited yearly by thousands of people.

Friedrichstrasse Railway Station 14/17, 10117 Berlin, Germany

Berlin's Magic Museum © Wikicommons
Berlin’s Magic Museum | © Wikicommons
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Magic Museum

You could quite easily miss this little gem tucked away on a quaint cobbled street on the outskirts of the district. It’s a fascinating little place filled with unique exhibits, which detail spells, witches and different forms of magic through the ages. For a small fee, you can wander leisurely through this museum. The friendly curator here is also extremely generous with his time and will happily answer any questions you have.

Grosse Hamburger Str., 17 10115 Berlin, Berlin, 10115, Germany, +49 170 6961904

Cinema Studio © Wikicommons
Cinema Studio | © Wikicommons
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Sneak Preview

Sneak Preview evenings every Thursday, take place in the stunning cinema complex of Potsdamer Platz, which often plays host to all kinds of international food and film festivals as well as glorious premiers and their glamorous actors.

Cinemaxx Potsdamerplatz, Potsdamerstr. 5, 10785 Berlin, Germany, +49 40 80806969

Spree Cruise © Wikicommons
Spree Cruise | © Wikicommons

Take a Cruise down the River Spree

Spend an afternoon acquainting yourself with Berlin by taking a cruise along the Spree. A lovely assortment of refreshments are available on board and friendly staff ensure every passenger enjoys the ride.

Schokoladen © Wikicommons
Schokoladen | © Wikicommons
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A different band plays here every night and most are completely new on the scene, which contributes to the strong alternative vibe of Schokoladen. This is a place to visit if you want to wind down after a stressful day and enjoy some relaxed beers with friends, while listening to some great live music.

Schokoladen, Ackerstrasse 169-170, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 2826527

Berlin Cathedral © Wikicommons
Berlin Cathedral | © Wikicommons
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Berlin Dome

Although it was heavily bombed during World War Two, this imposing cathedral has been beautifully restored to the architectural marvel it has always been, from the distinctive exterior to the exacting detail of the ceiling. Guided tours as well as audio guides are available and tell visitors fascinating anecdotes and facts as well as illuminating the many historical aspects of the cathedral.

Berlin Dome, Am Lustgarten, 10178 Berlin, Germany, +49 30 20269136