The Top 10 Bars in Marburg, Germany

© markusspiske / Pixabay
© markusspiske / Pixabay
Photo of Marion Kutter
31 January 2018

Marburg’s nightlife is dominated by bars and pubs, rather than nightclubs, and most of them are scattered across the cobblestoned alleys of Marburg’s historic Oberstadt. Whether you’re looking for an elegant evening with classic cocktails or wild vodka-fuelled parties, our list of Marburg’s top ten bars has got you covered.


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Locals love the Hinkelstein pub for the authentic, no-fuss approach – the focus here is on serving quality drinks. To reach the vaulted, dimly lit pub, you have to climb down the steep stairs into the cellar of Marburg’s oldest stone house. The rustic atmosphere of bare bricks and wooden furniture is perfect for sampling a few of Germany’s best beers – or their speciality hazelnut schnapps.


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The Sudhaus pub has for a long time been the epitome of a Marburg pub. The cosy bar occupies the three floors of a half-timbered house in the Oberstadt, and the crowd is an eclectic mix of students, and university professors, tourists and locals, beer lovers and schnitzel fans and the music is just as wild of a mix ranging from classic rock and punk rock to Eurodance and party hits.


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The Cavete jazz bar has reached cult status since it opened its doors some 30 years ago. Several times a month, the bar hosts concerts, open-stage events and jam sessions with both newcomers and established musicians, but other events are on the agenda as well. While electronic beats usually fill the vaulted room on the weekends, the stage sees all kinds of artistic performances from lectures to poetry slammers.

Delirium mit Frazzkeller

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This bar-duo is a favourite among students and usually the last stop of a bar crawl around Marburg’s Old Town. Cheap drinks and loud music attract a somewhat boisterous crowd and have spruced some legendary nights fuelled by their notorious drink: Rostiger Nagel (rusty nail) is a shot of ginger schnapps and Tabasco. If you don’t let that and the worn-down furniture put you off, you’re likely to experience an authentic students’ night out.


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Pegasus Bar is located in one Marburg’s pretty half-timbered houses in the Old Town. The low ceilings supported by wooden beams and the rustic furniture create a cosy vibe. Thursdays are for cocktails, and in the summer months the courtyard transforms into a beer garden, while in winter guests limber up with mulled wine.


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Caveau, Marburg
Caveau, Marburg | © 453169 / Pixabay

Caveau’s main draw is the live broadcast of both the first and second division Bundesliga games. Fuelled by beer and baguettes, the predominantly male crowd cheers for their team. Smokers can retreat to the vaulted cellar room, and those who prefer fresh air can always snatch a spot on the terrace. On three Mondays each month, the basement room is the scene of the Finstaverne event, where you can wine and dine in absolute darkness.


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This bar and art café opened in 2014 and is one of the few top-rated places that is not located in Marburg’s historic Oberstadt, yet still close enough to combine a visit with the before-mentioned pubs and bars. Weekly events range from lectures and live music to film screenings and art exhibitions. A lot of the regular guests from students to long-established locals know each other but will happily share a table with you.

Plan B

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Plan B, Marburg
Plan B, Marburg | © markusspiske / Pixabay

A few doors down from Caveau, Plan B serves fantastic cocktails. The venue appeals to those who want to spend a rather quiet evening, far off from the rowdy nights out that a lot of other bars and pubs offer. The focus is on high-quality and tasty drinks rather than cheaply mixed potions.