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This Local Expert Reveals the Craft Beer You Should Be Drinking in Berlin

Picture of Tahiera Overmeyer
Commissioning Editor
Updated: 24 October 2017
Beer connoisseur and founder of the Berlin Craft Beer Experience, Cliff Kinchen, guides us through the many tantalising flavours of craft beer and recommends his favourites.

Berlin has become a prominent travel destination among beer enthusiasts from around the world due to its craft beer. There are numerous bars and breweries that host events, such as tasting evenings, which contribute to its flourishing scene. Some notable names include Lenny’s Artisanal Ales, Heidenpeters, Spent Brewers Collective, and Bierfabrik Berlin.

With its small production scale and potent taste, craft beer holds a wide range of flavours for all palates and Berlin is definitely a city that knows how to promote its niche appeal.