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The Best Flea Markets For Bargains In Berlin

The Best Flea Markets For Bargains In Berlin

Picture of Carolina Saviolo
Updated: 30 November 2017
Berlin is not only the capital of Germany, but also of flea markets. It is easy to get lost among all the opportunities the city offers for vintage shopping, arts and crafts or just a day of browsing. Follow the Culture Trip’s handy guide for flea market enthusiasts to get the best out of the city.



From 1990, people have been able to find this market in Prenzlauerberg every Sunday from 10am to 4pm. It is very small, but the quality and the attention to detail of the products is incredible. It is possible to find mid-century furniture from the 1950s and 1960s either refurbished or still good in its original state. Everything can be found here, from clothing to vinyl discs, however, the sellers know the quality of what they are selling, so negotiation can sometimes be trickier.


Strasse Des 17 Juni

This market holds a few records: it’s the oldest, the best known and the most expensive. The sellers are all professionals or experts in their fields and you can find every possible sort of paraphernalia, which is great if you’re a specialist collector. If you need a pitstop, you will find stands with the classic beer and wurst. The location deserves a mention also — this market takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 5pm in Charlottenburg, from where you can see the Spree and Charlottenburger Tor – a Neo-Baroque gate – in the distance.



Every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm, the Arena market takes place in Berlin-Treptow – it is the biggest indoor market Berlin offers. While the aforementioned markets sell the high-brow stuff, in this one you have to be very careful to recognize hidden gems from the tat. In fact, one can find really everything here, from pieces of art to toys. In this market, it pays to haggle.


Boxhagener Platz

Like many of the markets, you can find almost anything here but not by following any particular logic, and more often than not the market vendors aren’t going to point you in the right direction. However, the area is one of the most beautiful of Berlin, and since the market takes place every Sunday from 10am to 6pm, a relaxing walk on a sunny Sunday here is never a bad idea.



Mauerpark offers visitors an eclectic mix of a very well made products and delicious food. Every Sunday you’ll find cuisines hailing from all over the world, with specialist stalls and locals selling handmade crafts standing side by side. A series of performers, singers, beat boxers and dancers also put on some great shows. The price of goods range from very expensive objects to very cheap ones. The market has become exceedingly popular in recent years so don’t expect to have a relaxing walk with a lot of space, but it is still a beautiful spot. Furthermore, the karaoke is very famous. Head towards the little arena and get in line to sing if you are brave enough. Check out The Culture Trip’s Mauerpark Photo Diary.


Coming out of the U-Bahn of the same name, Fehrbellinerplatz can be found every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm, offering used CDs, clothes and books. If you live in Berlin, it’s very nice to visit it from April to November, since it becomes the place where a lot of artists display their recent artwork.