The Top Things to See and Do in Neuss, Germany

Quirinus Minster | © MichaelGaida / Pixabay
Quirinus Minster | © MichaelGaida / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
18 February 2018

Neuss happens to be one of the oldest and most diverse cities in Germany and a great base from which to explore the German state of North-Rhine Westphalia. Even though this city, living in the shadow of more touristy places like Cologne and Dusseldorf, is often overlooked by travelers, Neuss is certainly worth a stop in its own right. Let’s explore the historic monuments, museums, and family outing destinations of this medieval Roman town.

Stiftung Insel Hombroich

Head to Stiftung Insel Hombroich to enjoy a seamless blend of art, culture, architecture, and nature. An abandoned NATO missile base was remodeled to construct this museum and its parkland. The ensemble consists of Museum Insel Hombroich, Raketenstation Hombroich and Kirkeby-Feld. Kirkeby-Feld has amazing sculpture-architecture, and the museum houses a beautiful collection of antique and modern Asian art.

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Quirinus Minster

The Quirinus Minster is dedicated to the memory of St. Quirinus, a Roman martyr. Quirinus Minster is counted among the finest examples of Romanesque architecture in the country. Architecture enthusiasts can easily spot traces of Gothic style in this architecture along with an obvious Lombard influence. This structure was built in the 13th century out of seven different kinds of stone, mainly volcanic rocks.


Quirinus Minster | © MichaelGaida / Pixabay

Neuss Schützenfest

The locals of Neuss look forward to the massive fun festival – Neuss Schützenfest – throughout the year. It is held every August for four days and attended by close to two million people. The festival sees huge parades of marksmen, shooting competitions, merry parties and several other related events around the city.

Clemens Sels Museum

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Clemens Sels Museum
Clemens Sels Museum | © Rolf Cosar / Wikimedia Commons
Clemens Sels Museum promises several pleasant hours for art lovers. It is home to an admirable collection of art from the Middle Ages to the Baroque Age. One of the most popular sections of this museum is the one that features creations of Rhenish Expressionists and Modern Primitives. Also, after a tour of this museum, visitors are bound to emerge more knowledgeable about the history of this ancient city.

Skihalle Neuss

This indoor ski hall offers snow fun all year round and is the most popular family destination in Neuss. It is a favorite with amateur and hobby skiers of all ages, as well as the perfect place to pick up ski lessons from experts. Guests consistently rave about the friendly attention of the staff, the great quality of the snow, the ski lifts, and the ski and snowboarding equipment that can be rented on the spot. There is also a nice restaurant and overnight stay options.

Rheinpark Centre

The huge Rheinpark Centre mall takes good care of your retail fix and is also a great place in which to take refuge for a few hours if the weather does not cooperate. It has rows of shops belonging to internationally famous and local brands, a food court, restaurants, and entertainment for children.