The Top Things to See and Do in Lauterbach, Germany

Teufelsmühle | © Sven Teschke, Büdingen / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Anwesha Ray
21 June 2018

Lauterbach, a tiny town at the foot of the Vogelsberg Mountains in the German state of Hesse, is often overlooked by travelers. But a stop in this charming historic town, even if only for a day, would reward you with many historic and architectural gems hidden in its picturesque nooks. What’s more, it knows how to keep kids busy too. Let’s go!

Schloss Eisenbach

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Schloss Eisenbach | Schloss Eisenbach

The first mention of a castle in this location can be traced to the year 1217, but the castle in its present form was built in the 16th century. Schloss Eisenbach is privately owned and does not offer public tours. However, visitors love this castle for the beautifully-preserved magnificent facade and pristine ambience. When the weather is nice, you will find flocks of strollers and cyclists in the verdant castle parkland. If you are lucky, you might even spot a peacock or two! Burg Post Gasthaus & Café next to the castle serves delicious regional fare and consistently earns rave reviews from travelers.

Hohhaus Palace

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Hohhaus Museum | Hohhaus Museum

Hohhaus Palace is an elegant yellow sandstone three-winged Late Baroque palace. Visitors to the castle are always enamored by the beautiful architecture of the palace interior. On a tour of the palace, you get to explore a high mansard roof, three driveways with unique triangular gables, a stunning winding staircase and several other elements and ornamentation.


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Hainigturm | Hainigturm

Hainigturm, a lookout tower, stands proud on the 417 meter (1370 foot) tall local mountain, Hainig. When the Hainigturm was constructed in 1882, it was made of wood; but as the wood rotted in later years, it was rebuilt in stone. It is surrounded by a series of towering, ancient trees. The hiking trail up to the Hainigturm from Lauterbach or Schloss Eisenbach is absolutely lovely, and thus very popular. Once at the top, you are rewarded for your efforts by panoramic views over the Lautertal and onto Rhön and Fulda.

Burg Wartenberg

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Burg Wartenberg | Burg Wartenberg

If you find romance in ancient ruins, the crumbling walls of Burg Wartenburg just outside Lauterbach would certainly appeal to you. It is perched on a 270 meter (885 foot) high rocky ledge, looking down at the River Lauter, adding up to a photogenic setting. Though in ruins, thanks to the efforts of volunteers, it is extremely well-maintained. Every year, on 1st May, the castle holds a merry festival in its grounds, attracting several thousand fun-seekers. The castle is accessible any time of the day and night.


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Teufelsmühle | Teufelsmühle

You will see many half-timbered houses in your journey through Germany, but rarely would you see one so richly ornate. The Teufelsmühle is a former water-mill built in 1691 and is a protected architectural monument. It is a short drive from Lauterbach and certainly worth your time when you are holidaying in the town. When you visit, allow yourself ample time to admire its unusual projections, gabled walls and the interesting asymmetrical nature of its structure.


Sports Center
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If all the architectural and historic stops are making the kids whine, the Freizeitzentrum comes to your rescue! This sports center has inviting pools, a super-thrilling twisting water slide, smaller water slides for the little ones and minigolf – adding up to hours of splashing fun! What’s better, the parents can also take turns to treat themselves to a rejuvenating spa session while the kids are having a blast.