The Top Things to See and Do in Fulda, Germany

St. Michael's Church, Fulda
St. Michael's Church, Fulda | © $traight-$hoota / Wikimedia Commons
Photo of Anwesha Ray
13 June 2018

Only one hour away by car from the bustling city of Frankfurt lies Fulda, a laid-back town steeped in historic charm. The appeal of Fulda lies in its beautiful architecture, which includes a beautiful, twin-towered cathedral and also a palace, churches and monastery. Fulda also has ample attractions to ensure little ones don’t feel left out either. Let’s take a look.

Fulda Cathedral

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Fulda Cathedral | © weareaway / Pixabay
Fulda Cathedral (in German known as Fuldaer Dom, or Sankt Salvator) is the crown jewel of the Fulda skyline. This early-18th century cathedral is the final resting place of Saint Boniface, one of the pioneers of Christianity in Germania and the archbishop of Mainz. Allow yourself ample time to explore its 65-meter (213-foot) high, double towers, the larger-than-life sculptures, gigantic columns, ornate portal door, sandstone obelisks and the medieval musical apparatus named the Golden Wheel.

St. Michael's Church

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St. Michael's Church | © $traight-$hoota / Wikimedia Commons
St. Michael’s Church was built between 820 and 822, making it the the oldest Holy Sepulchre church in Germany. Even today, visitors can see the original rotunda and crypt, though the rest of the Carolingian (Pre-Romanesque) architectural style church was expanded and refurbished in later centuries. The interior of the church boasts beautiful wall paintings dating back to the 11th century.


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Stadtschloss, Fulda | © ulleo / Pixabay
The early-18th century Baroque Stadtschloss (City Palace) was once the residence of Fulda prince abbots and prince bishops. Today, visitors can walk the historic rooms maintained in an almost-original condition and decorated with beautiful paintings and sculptures. The most loved part of this palace is the breathtaking Hall of Mirrors (Spiegelkabinett), fitted with hundreds of gleaming mirrors of various sizes. The palace sits amidst lush gardens dotted with sculptures.

The Vonderau Museum

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The Vonderau Museum houses a social history museum, as well as a high-end planetarium. At the planetarium, visitors embark on a fascinating journey through the mysterious universe and get a chance to introspect on the relationship between human beings and the cosmos, with the help of state-of-the-art simulation technology. On the other hand, the history museum traces the development of Fulda from the Stone Age to modern times, with the help of historic artifacts, archeological objects and interactive exhibits.

Schloss Fasanerie

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Schloss Fasanerie | © 4028mdk09 / Wikimedia Commons
Though not technically in Fulda, Schloss Fasanerie located only a few miles away, is a must-visit for its sheer gorgeousness. It was built in the 18th century as a royal summer residence. Today, the Baroque palace welcomes visitors to tour its 60 lavish exhibition rooms. The palace’s treasure of priceless porcelain pieces, as well as its verdant gardens, are of special appeal to visitors. Additionally, the palace hosts exceptional cultural events on a regular basis, as well as special tours designed for young guests.


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Kinder-Akademie is after the curious hearts of little guests. This museum teaches concepts of science, art, culture and technology through interactive exhibits and encourages experimentation and exploration. The star attraction of this museum is a walk-through heart that has no match in Europe. Moreover, the museum organizes workshops and temporary exhibitions on a regular basis.

Kloster Frauenberg

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Kloster Frauenberg | © Michael Zaschka / Wikimedia Commons
Kloster Frauenberg, constructed in 1623, enjoys a picturesque location on one of the seven hills of Fulda, amidst lush greenery. The Late Baroque monastery is worth a visit for its delightfully ornate interior and for the uninterrupted views of the city it commands from its terrace. In the surrounding gardens, the monks lovingly grow their own produce.

Deutsches Feuerwehr Museum

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Deutsches Feuerwehr Museum (German Fire Brigade Museum) is a source of endless wonder for both adults and young guests. The museum, dedicated to the history of fire fighting, displays original equipment from the Renaissance right up to the modern times. Visitors are welcome to explore the interiors of several exhibits and try their hands at the water pump. Certain interactive exhibits are designed especially with little guests in mind.

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