Top Things To Do And See In Lindau, Germany

Photo of Eliza Marin
9 February 2017

The charming island-town of Lindau encompasses spectacular landscapes at the border between Germany and Switzerland. The fairy-tale spot comprises cobblestone passageways, deep blue lake waters and soaring Alpine mountains alike. Here are some of the things to enjoy while visiting.

Lighthouse | © Allie_Caulfield / Flickr

New Lighthouse

Come and gaze at the southernmost lighthouse in Germany. Although it is relatively new, unlike the Mangenturm, which dates back to the 13th century, the strategic position of the Neuer Leuchtturm makes it a real sight to behold. The most fascinating fact about the lighthouse is that after its construction in late 1856, the signals used to function on an open fire system which worked until almost 1936, when the method was switched to electrical power.

New Lighthouse, Hafenpl., Lindau, Germany

Historic Town

After setting foot on the charming little island of Lindau, there is just one place to go before adventuring to the shores of the lake: the unforgettable historic town center. Here, narrow cobblestone streets pave the way to Medieval merchant houses, vividly colored and contrasting beautifully with the timber and mahogany galleries all around. It is a matter of pride for Lindauers that the little island was a Roman settlement and used to be a free city until the beginning of the 19th century; a pride that is visible in the continuous prosperity of the town.

Historic Town, Maximilianstraße, Lindau, Germany

Haus zum Cavazzen

Hailed as the most beautiful house in the entire city, the merchant house of Cavazzen is, without any pompous introductions, a splendid baroque piece that catches the eye. Measuring a couple of storeys high and topped with a double timber roof, the structure is beautifully balanced with frescoes of delicate flower motifs and vivid colors. Commissioned by the patrician family Seutter of Lötzen in the early 18th century, the baroque palace is now host to a number of art, glass and different cultural exhibitions and events.

City Museum Lindau, Cavazzen, Marktpl. 6, 88131 Lindau, Germany, +49 08382 944073


Lindau hosts a number of architectural masterpieces, but St. Peter’s church has gained its deserved place right at the top of the list. The Romanesque building is a whopping 1,000 years old, built to honor Saint Peter, the guardian of fishermen. Currently the oldest church in Lindau, Peterskirche started from a small fishing settlement and was expanded with the addition of a strategic watchtower, known as the fairy tale Diebsturm. In the following years numerous constructions were added to the structure and its relations to the urban fabric has changed, transforming it into a truly interesting space of worship.

Oberer Schrannenpl., Lindau, Germany

Ferry across Constance Lake

In Lindau, the closer to the water you get, the more dramatic the views become across Lake Constance. That’s why some of the best panoramas are unquestionably to be had aboard the ferry that moves daily from the city to Konstanz town close to the border with Switzerland, capturing snow-topped alpine peaks and verdant valleys along the way.

Lindau Hauptbahnhof, Germany