The Top Things To Do and See in Hohenschwangau

The Top Things To Do and See in Hohenschwangau
The area of Hohenschwangau is a spectacular one that has inspired poems, operas and even Disney movies. It’s crowned by the Harry Potter-esque Neuschwanstein Castle, dotted with alpine lakes and thick fir forests. Let’s take a look at the top things to do and see in the region…
Neuschwanstein castle © PFNKIS/Flickr

Neuschwanstein castle

Set in the idyllic foothills that transition the Bavarian hills into the Alps proper of Austria, the castle of Neuschwanstein is a true masterpiece. Ludwig II of Bavaria made it a priority of his life to fund the residential retreat, as he invested most of his fortune and 24 years of his life into building it. He commissioned an architectural masterpiece of Medieval Romanesque style, made of light limestone, highly decorative and which can be seen as asymmetrically elevated above the town to this day.

Schloss Neuschwanstein, Neuschwansteinstraße 20, Schwangau, Germany, +49 08362 930830


The area of Schwangau is a splendid rocky scene that cannot go without a look in while visiting the castle of Neuschwanstein. As if the entire monumental landscape wouldn’t be enough to dazzle the eyes, the surrounding area of the castle includes a 40-meter-long waterfall that crashes down from the mountains above. While constructing his masterpiece, Ludwig II commissioned the old bridge over Pöllat Waterfall to be replaced with a completely new, suspended iron structure, which today stands strong and breath-taking.

Marienbrücke, Pöllatschlucht, Schwangau, Germany, +49 08362 81980


There is good reason why the fairytale landscape of Schwangau was chosen for so many centuries as spot a for relaxation and contemplation. Alpsee is without a doubt a source of serenity and revitalization here, located in a spectacular spot where the hills and the Alps meet. Watersport activities, such as canoeing, paddling and swimming dominate in the summertime, while ice skating in the winter is one of the favorite ways to celebrate the idyllic natural spot.

Alpsee, Schwangau, Germany

Castle Hohenschwangau

The historic seat of Schwangau, the castle of Hohenschwangau was set in its current location during the 12th century, and then reconstructed under the auspices of Prince Maximilian II of Bavaria, who acquired the ruins of the former medieval fortress in the 18th century. The picturesque mountain location was such a favorite with the royal family that the son of Maximilian, Ludwig II, chose to build his own masterpiece directly adjacent to this one.

Castle Hohenschwangau, Alpseestraße 30, Hohenschwangau, Germany, +49 08362 930830

Museum of Bavarian Kings

The Museum of Bavarian Kings is a celebration of the Bavarian royal greatness that surrounded the kings of the land and resulted in the magnificent fortifications that dot the landscape here today. Set right on the shores of the Alpsee, the museum resides in the former Grand Hotel Alpenrose and is an architectural mashup of modern glass pathways and timber structures. The exhibitions present the life of the various kings, their architectural endeavours, political machinations and more.
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