The Top Places to Buy Souvenirs in Dresden, Germany

Meissen porcelain teapot | © Walters Art Museum / WikiCommons
Meissen porcelain teapot | © Walters Art Museum / WikiCommons
Dresden’s many tourist attractions often have their own souvenir shop at the exit, but there are plenty of places scattered across the city where you can find authentic items to commemorate your trip. Here’s a round-up of the best places to look for souvenirs.


The renowned riverside flea market is open every Saturday and is a great spot to find some genuinely unique souvenirs. People from all over Dresden drag everything they render superfluous from their attics and basements – from kitsch to antiques – and set up market stalls along the promenade. You can spend a whole day rummaging through antiques, jewellery, décor, porcelain figures and more.

Elbeflohmarkt, Albertbrücke, Dresden, Germany, +49 351 4412 544

Flea market

Find unique items at Elbeflohmarkt | © maxmann / Pixabay

Dresdner Art

Dresdner Art sells all kinds of Dresden-themed souvenirs. Bags, mugs, magnets, shot glasses, notepads, postcards, rugs and posters all printed with place names, slogans or Saxon dialect expressions are stocked on the shelves alongside cookie cutters and miniatures of Dresden’s landmarks.

Dresdner Art, Glasewaldtstraße 24, Dresden, Germany, +49 1776 2215 52


The courtyard complex is home to galleries and shops that sell trinkets, arts and crafts, jewellery and clothes from both local and international designers. If you’re looking for fridge magnets and other touristy gimmicks, you’ll be disappointed. But the Kunsthofpassage is your place if you’re after unique pieces from Dresden’s thriving artistic community.

Kunsthofpassage, Görlitzer Str. 21-25, Dresden, Germany, +49 3518 0254 45

Molkerei Pfund

Decorated with detailed hand-painted tiles and stucco moulding, Molkerei Pfund is considered to be the world’s most beautiful creamery. It even made an appearance in Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel as Mendl’s Bakery. The downstairs shop offers unusual souvenirs, including jarred mustard and jam, homemade chocolate bars and porcelain cheese and bread platters with Saxonian motifs.

Molkerei Pfund, Bautzner Straße 79, Dresden, Germany, +49 351 8080 80

Remember Dresden

Kitsch meets glamour at Remember Dresden. Boxes and tins decorated with Raphael’s cherubs, traditional confectionery, chocolates and the famous Christstollen cake, postcards, keyrings and other Dresden-related trinkets are available.

Remember Dresden, An der Frauenkirche 13, Entrance: Rampische Straße, Dresden, Germany, +49 3512 0929 29

BM Kunst zum Leben

If you’re visiting in the winter months and want to take home some of the magical Christmassy vibes that spread over the entire city, the Kunst zum Leben shop is your best bet. From wood-carved figurines typical for the Ore Mountains, tree ornaments, glass art and candlesticks, the vitrines are filled with festive décor typical for Dresden and all of Saxony.

Meissener Porzellan

The Meissen porcelain manufactory looks back on a 300-year-long tradition. Back then, the company was the first of its kind in Europe and to this day stands for delicate porcelain figurines, tableware and decorative items of the highest quality, often embellished with hand-painted motifs or even gold ornaments.

Meissener Porzellan, An der Frauenkirche 5, Dresden, Germany, +49 3518 6429 64