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Mauro | Courtesy of Dayna Gross
Mauro | Courtesy of Dayna Gross
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The Top Hairstyles Trending in Berlin Right Now

Picture of Dayna Gross
Updated: 30 September 2017
Berlin is like no other city in the world, that much we know. There is a unique vibration to this city that is hard not to notice upon your first hour of arrival. Undoubtedly, the unique history of the city has added to this unnameable sensation, but the city’s history is not the only factor contributing to the Berlin vibrations.

The music, the freedom, the pace, and the fashion are some of the leading factors that give Berlin the reputation it has today. As soon as you land in Tegel Airport, you can see and feel the eccentricities of this city. Besides the obvious Berghain style that is hard to ignore, there is also a distinct fashion cutting and styling Berlin heads – more specifically, their hair.

Short and shaved (a little)

Straight, short, shoulder-length hair is the style fashioning most of the female heads of Berlin. So much so that some girls think their hair is long when the ends actually reach their shoulders. But what good would short hair be without really short bangs? These Berliner bangs are not only short, but cut in a perversely straight line from one temple to the next. Need we mention Leviticus 19:27: “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” Luckily the bible mostly leans towards the men and less towards the women, because these women are most definitely cutting at the sides and even a little further. The third step to looking like you’ve spent too much time in Berlin is by shaving the hairs just beneath your bangs, right around the temple and a few centimeters inward. See the image below to get what we mean.

Zoe Facius
Zoe Facius | Courtesy of Dayna Gross

Go long, but go short too

But that’s a total contradiction. But aren’t contradictions what make us human? As one of our German patriarchs once said, “One is fruitful only at the cost of being rich in contradictions,” (Friedrich Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols). However, let’s move beyond this philosophical layer and cut to the chase: the style we’re referring to here is long hair, like way beyond the collar long, and short bangs, like way above the eyebrows short. It’s basically the same bangs mentioned above, but with long, straight hair, rather than short, shoulder-length hair.

Do It Yourself Boy
Do It Yourself Boy | © Randen Pederson/flickr

Believe in bleach

While Berlin is relatively strict on their recycling regulations – paper in the blue trash bins, plastic in the yellow bins, compost in the black bins with the cute orange carrot icon, etc – and even though eating only organic food is really trendy in this liberal environment, bleaching your hair has not been written into the Berlin code of health… yet. Men or women, of all sexual preferences, are loving the bleach look. It’s been around for the past few years, but has kept up its momentum all along. Who knows, this hair style might even get you into Berghain. But no promises from this side of the screen.

Self portrait
Self portrait | Courtesy of Emeka Ene

Crop top

They claim this hairstyle has come back in fashion from many of the Berlin soccer players, but it kind of reminds us of a certain time in history we’re not really allowed to talk about, because Berlin is all about the good vibes, right? We can play it safe and call this undercut a throwback to the ’90s, but playing it safe doesn’t sound very Berlin…

Dare to lose it all?

It’s not all that striking when a man shaves his head, unless of course he had long locks his whole life and suddenly decided to buzz it all off. That’s more of an exclusive shock only affecting the people who have actually known this guy with or for his long hair. But when a woman does it, well, it most certainly turns a head or two. For us cinephiles, we may make the quick “Joan of Arc” association, who is undoubtedly one of the coolest individuals known to mankind. Going down to the number three is both frightening and liberating, not to mention a deep-rooted commitment.

The Passion of Joan of Arc
The Passion of Joan of Arc | Courtesy of Société Générale des Films

The mermaid

If bleaching your hair is too close to your natural hair color, which is the case for many of the Nordic people residing in Berlin, then there is the trending fashion of tinting your blondie hair with a little bit of silver-blue. Some Berliners are hinting their blond hair with pink, but the silver-blue is more the trademark.