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Jubel Desserts
Jubel Desserts

The Top 10 Places To Eat Dessert In Prenzlauer Berg, Germany

Picture of Allegra Lipanje
Allegra Lipanje
Updated: 4 October 2016
Leafy Prenzlauer Berg is known for its gorgeous little boutiques and trinket shops, the army of über stylish mums that patrol the streets with their high tech strollers, and the endless number of cozy cafes with minimalist interiors. Another big reason you should head to this neighborhood, however, is if you happen to love dessert. Prepare yourself for some serious sugar-sprinkled indulgence at one of these ten decadent treat manufacturers!



This delicate and gracious little patisserie on Hufelandstraße is a true feast not only for the lips but also for the eyes. Every miniature pastry has been crafted with the utmost detail and care by owners Kai Michels and Lucie Babinska.


Jubel, Hufelandstr. 10, Berlin, Germany +49 30 55216150

Jubel Interior | © Jubel_Caroline-Prange-Photographie

Jubel Interior | © Jubel_Caroline-Prange-Photographie

Franz-Karl Kuchenkultur

Franz-Karl Kuchenkultur will have you savoring a mittel European atmosphere of times gone by through his traditional Austrian torten and kuchen.


Franz-Karl Kuchenkultur, Bötzowstr. 15, Berlin, Germany +49 30 68073703


If you’re craving a sophisticated crêpe, there is nowhere better to go than chic Suzette on Pappelallee. Run by Parisian crêpe and galette bretonne masters Damien and Olivier, Suzette will please sweet and savory fans alike.


Suzette, Pappelallee 15, Berlin, Germany +49 30 65216565

Crêpe Suzette | ©

Crêpe Suzette | ©


Werkstatt der Süße

Creative types should head to Werkstatt der Süße on Husemannstraße and try one of patissier Guido Fuhrmann’s award-winning pastries. Each little creation is prepared with top ingredients such as Valrhona chocolate, creating miniature masterpieces that fit in the palm of your hand.


Werkstatt der Süße, Husemannstraße 25, Berlin, Germany +49 30 32590157

Bäckerei Konditorei Siebert

This bakery is one of the rare eastern venues that have survived gentrification in the hills of Prenzlauer Berg. Try savoring one of the fragrant sweet bakes in a white paper bag while taking a leisurely weekend stroll around the bookstores in the neighborhood.


Zuckerfee Cafe

Zuckerfee is inspired by the Nutcracker’s sugarplum fairy. This cozy and eclectic cafe offers a fabulous brunch, serving homey and perfectly baked cakes of the traditional sort.

Albrecht’s Pâtisserie

For traditional with a twist try Albrecht’s Pâtisserie’s crisp creations, at the junction of the solidity of traditional German pastries and the refined gentle touch of French patisserie.


Albrechts-Pâtisserie, Pappelallee 36, Berlin, Germany +49 30 88729383


This Portuguese-inspired bakery and cafe gets incredibly crowded at the weekends but is worth visiting if only for the delicious pastries and the warm, buzzing atmosphere.


Bekarei, Dunckerstraße 23, Berlin, Germany +49 30 34622230

Portuguese delights | © Bekarei

Portuguese delights | © Bekarei


Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey needs no introduction if you are a Berliner. If not… jump in line, because you are soon to try one of the best ice creams in the city. The name of this extremely popular ice creamery was inspired by the famous Hokey Pokey ice cream recipe which hails all the way from New Zealand.


Hokey Pokey, Stargarderstraße 73, Berlin, Germany +49 176 80103080


Flying Cake Cafe

Flying Cake is the place to go for those who want to try some American desserts or delicious vegan cakes, or anyone wanting some sweet treats delivered right to their doorstep.


Flying Cake, Stargarderstraße 36, Berlin, Germany +49 1714745449