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Eggs Benedict | © erin_can_spell/Flickr
Eggs Benedict | © erin_can_spell/Flickr
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The Top 10 Places To Brunch In Munich, Bavaria

Picture of Sara Koller-Alonso
Updated: 7 November 2016
Whether you enjoy sweet and small or large and savory, Munich has the perfect brunch for you. Here’s our roundup of the city’s best spots.
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The rustic decor here will teleport customers to a small cabin in the woods. Decorated with logs and fresh flowers, it is hard to believe that this café is located in the centre of Munich. When the sun is out, the Biergarten offers a great outside seating area, although you cannot reserve an outside table, so get there early.

Kaisergarten, Kaiserstraße 34, München, +49 89 3888760

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Café Reitschule

In the summer, sit on this spot’s beautiful outside terrace, which is situated right next to a stable, and enjoy the rustling noises of the river that flows through the English gardens. In the winter, the warm and comforting décor creates a relaxed atmosphere, and for many, the café is a perfect stop before a Sunday stroll through the park in any season. All of the products sold here are grown and delivered by nearby farmers.

Café Reitschule, Königinstraße 34, München, +49 89 3888760

Café Reitschule ©Café Reitschule

Café Reitschule ©Café Reitschule

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Münchner Boulangerie

One step into this boulangerie, and bienvenue à Paris! Beautifully displayed tartes and cakes will soon make your mouth water and your eyes grow larger. Surrender to your sweet tooth in this lovely little cafe. If there are no places to sit, the cakes are available to go for a Parisian-style petit déjeuner at home.

Münchner Boulangerie, Bauerstraße 1, München, +49 89 37416722

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Located in the heart of Maxvorstadt, this spot is surrounded by the famous museum trilogy, Alte, Neue, and Pinakothek der Moderne. The brilliant breakfast plates here contain fresh bread, eggs and an array of cheese and meats. Don’t forget to try the traditional Bavarian Weißwurst sausage breakfast, which is hugely popular with locals.

Tresznjewski, Theresienstraße 72, München, +49 89 282349

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Theresa Grill

The brunch menu may appear limited, but don’t be put off as Theresa Grill goes for quality, not quantity. It’s highly recommended to order multiple dishes and share with a group, as there will be plenty to go around. Try the fresh green smoothie or their delicious homemade mint and ginger tea for a healthy and refreshing treat.

Theresa Grill, Theresienstraße 29, München, +49 89 28803301

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Café Glockenspiel

At this spot, which is named after the famous Glockenspiel, tourists can watch the figurines dance around to music at midday. Take a short ride on an elevator to reach the big terrace of the café. With an amazing selection of cut meats, eggs, and fresh fruit, you won’t want for choices.

Café Glockenspiel, Marienplatz 28, München, +49 89 264256

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Cotidiano proudly serves breakfast combinations from every corner of Europe, from French, Belgian and Italian to Basque and German. Located in the heart of the famous and hip Glockenbachviertel, breakfast is served here all day, so sleep in and stop by for a relaxing brunch.

Cotidiano, Gärtnerplatz 6, München, +49 89 242078610

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Catwalk‘s terrace is the perfect spot to spend a sunny morning over coffee and a bite to eat. With over nine breakfast platters to choose from, enjoy everything from a small Bircher müesli with fresh fruit to trout filets and a crab cocktail. The Morgenmuffel is a must try.

Catwalk, Mauerkircherstraße 2, München, +49 89 985881

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Café Mozart

Taking its name from the famous composer, this café truly honors brunch and breakfast from all over the world. Whether you’re craving salmon from Norway, mortadella from Italy or even Kuku, a traditional Persian omelette, the options are endless.

Café Mozart, Pettenkoferstraße 2, München, +49 89 9594190

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At Marais, all the furniture around the shop can be purchased, so if the chair is comfortable and nice to look at, just take it home. The café also has a sister restaurant just across the street that serves elegant dinners, Marais Soir.

Marais, Parkstraße 2, München, +49 89 50094552