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Nauener Tor Potsdam | © Galeere2/WikiCommons
Nauener Tor Potsdam | © Galeere2/WikiCommons
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The Top 10 Bars in Potsdam, Germany

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Updated: 21 November 2017
Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg, is a historical wonder filled with architectural and cultural sites. A short trip from Berlin, it’s the perfect day-trip or weekend escape from the city. Potsdam is brimming with culture, and its nightlife is populated by amazing cocktail bars and hidden gems. Here is our guide to the top 10 bars in Potsdam.
Cocktail | © Covert Nine/Flickr
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Unscheinbar is a late-night bar with over 27 years of history in its building. A candlelit atmosphere, high-quality cocktails and drinks are at the heart of this spot. Offering a sleek interior and cool ambience, they also host a number of DJ nights and have the latest opening times in the city.

Unscheinbar, Friedrich-Ebert-Straße 118, Potsdam, Germany

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Bar Gelb

Bar Gelb is a trendy hotspot located a short walk from the Dutch Quarter. The bar is known for its selection of regional craft beers from Berlin, Potsdam and Brandenburg, as well as its impressive cocktail menu. With dim lighting and a cosy, yet fun atmosphere, it’s the perfect place to enjoy Potsdam’s nightlife.

Bar Gelb, Charlottenstraße 29, Potsdam, Germany

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Bar Gelb | © Bar Geld/Courtesy of Bar Gelb

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Bar-O-Metre is a popular joint for high-quality cocktails, serving up drinks for over 20 years. Located in a cosy brick-walled vaulted cellar lounge, this bar has a unique, sophisticated ambience. There is no set menu, but the knowledgeable and passionate bartenders will gladly serve your favourites or make you a signature drink of your own.

Bar-O-Metre, Gutenbergstraße 103, Potsdam, Germany

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La Leander

La Leander is Potsdam’s leading gay bar, proudly flying the rainbow flag. Located in the Dutch Quarter, it has a range of gay-friendly events and music nights. It’s a great place to explore the local LGBTQ scene.

La Leander, Benkertstraße 1, Potsdam, Germany


La Leander | © Till Krech/WikiCommons

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Van Gogh Bar

Van Gogh Bar is a smoky cocktail bar with an impressive menu and a subtle Van Gogh influence. It has a huge selection of cocktails and the staff will make drinks upon request if your favourites aren’t on the menu. Located near Nauener Tor, one of three preserved gates in Potsdam and a short walk from Sanssouci Palace, it’s a great place to indulge after a day of sightseeing.

Van Gogh Bar, Kurfürstenstraße 1, Potsdam, Germany

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Bar Fritz’n

Bar Fritz’n is a sleek and stylish cocktail bar located in the heart of Potsdam. The outer decor is solid, dark wood and the interior is elegantly decorated, giving it a chic atmosphere. The place has a large cocktail menu with all the favourites and a selection of beer and wine. It’s the perfect bar for a lavish drink or two in Potsdam.

Bar Frtiz’n, Dortustraße 6, Potsdam, Germany

Bar Fritz’n | © Bar Fritz’n/ Courtesy of Bar Fritz’n

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Bar Rückholz

Bar Rückholz is a cosy and warm bar-meets-cafe in Potsdam. It has a nice ambience and a good selection of cocktails and beers. It also hosts a range of events, mostly focused on local music and art, making it a nice local joint with a good atmosphere and culture. Bar Rückholz is a great place to grab a drink and bite to eat.

Bar Rückholz, Sellostraße 28, Potsdam, Germany

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Art Bar

Art Bar in Potsdam is not a typical bar. Acting as a meeting place and gallery for artists, it is a small bar that hosts regular artist events and exhibitions. The whole building houses around 80 artists, whose studios can be visited by the public and from the third floor there is a great view of the Old Market and city centre of Potsdam. It is the perfect place to check out the city’s local art scene.

Art Bar, Dortustraße 46, Potsdam, Germany


Art Bar | © Art Bar/ Courtesy of Art Bar

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Pub à la Pub

Pub à la Pub is a lively student bar located a short walk from the water. Non-students are also welcome, and it’s the perfect spot for younger travellers looking for a friendly atmosphere. The bar regularly organises parties, events and live music in their large outdoor area during the summer.

Pub à la Pub, Breite Straße 1, Potsdam, Germany


Pub a la Pub | © Constance Kilpert/ Courtesy of Pub a la Pub

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Gleis 6

Gleis 6 is a traditional German bar with a local vibe serving a wide range of reasonably priced drinks. Here, you can try an authentic local beer, Potsdam Strange, as well as watch soccer and soak in a truly German ambience.

Gleis 6, Karl-Liebknecht-Straße 4, Potsdam, Germany