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Candlelit dinner | © zlikovec / Shutterstock
Candlelit dinner | © zlikovec / Shutterstock
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The Most Romantic Restaurants in Munich

Picture of Evelyn Smallwood
Updated: 27 December 2017
A holiday is the perfect place to show your love how much they mean to you – through the medium of food, of course. But where should you go for the best combination of atmosphere, food and wallet satisfaction? Read on for our list of the best restaurants in Munich for a romantic dinner.
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This restaurant‘s name refers to a pet name artist Wassily Kandinsky used for his friend Gabriella Münter in his many letters to her, so before you even walk in, you know the place is something of a cultural mecca. Open every day at 9am for breakfast and then lunch, chef Michael Hausberger offers authentic Italian food in a lushly decorated room complete with original paintings by Thomas Demand.

Luisenstrasse 33, Munich, Germany, +49 89 70088177

Ella, Munich - © Ella

Ella, Munich I Courtesy of Ella

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Sometimes love means not eating meat. Or eggs. Gratitude, a vegan restaurant in the fancy-pants Schwabing neighbourhood offers large portions of animal-friendly food for a fair price. Gratitude uses locally sourced products wherever possible and the chef, Patrick Janoud, creates a new menu every day. Look out for burritos, risotto and tempeh chili.

Türkenstrasse 55, Munich, Germany, +49 89 88982174

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Theresa Grill Bar Restaurant

Did someone say linguine with black truffles and parmesan? Or guinea fowl risotto? For a night out with your love that isn’t going to totally bankrupt you, Theresa Grill Bar Restaurant is just the ticket. If a full dinner isn’t your bag, then the extensive drinks menu, including classics like white chocolate martinis and the Mon Cherie (just ask) will see you right.

Theresienstraße 29, Munich, Germany, +49 89 28803301

Theresa Bar and Grill, Munich - © Theresa Bar and Grill

Theresa Bar and Grill, Munich I Courtesy of Theresa Bar and Grill

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Restaurant 181

First things first: this restaurant revolves. Second thing, it’s in the Olympic Tower and is the place where all the cool kids hang out. Chef Otto Koch has divided the menu into two sections: avant-garde and signature. Nothing says I love you like goose liver terrine with popcorn or turbot cooked on a stone.

Spiridon-Louis-Ring 7, Munich, Germany, +49 89 350948181

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Schuhbecks Teatro

Dinner + cabaret + circus =…….Schuhbecks! It’s a in mirrored tent, so from the first moment, you know an evening at Schuhbecks is one you and your love will not forget in a hurry. The silk walls and Swarovski crystal chandeliers frame a 360-degree stage around which four-course meals are served.

Paul-Wassermann-Straße 2, Munich, Germany, +49 89 2166900

Schuhbecks Teatro - © Schuhbecks Teatro

Schuhbecks Teatro, Munich I Courtesy of Schuhbecks Teatro

Restaurant Broeding

Since opening in 1990, the restaurant has changed its six-course dinner menu every night. Even regular customers never quite know what they’re going to get, so if your love loves a surprise, then Broeding is the place to go. Head chef Manuel Reheis chooses the menu and the wait staff tell the story of how it all came about. The sommeliers are happy to help patrons choose what wine might best match the food experience to come.

Schulstr. 9, Munich, Germany, +49 89 164238

Spatenhaus en der Oper

The Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich is one of the best opera houses in the world. Handily, one of the best restaurants in the city, the Michelin Guide-recommended Spatenhaus an der Oper, awaits in a townhouse just across the street. With local Bavarian cuisine downstairs and an international menu upstairs, the emphasis is on simple, fresh ingredients prepared well. A la carte prices range from 28€-59€.

Residenzstraße 12, Munich, Germany, +49 89 2907060

Candlelit dinner | © zlikovec / Shutterstock