The Inside Scoop : Gecobli’s Ice Cream In Munich

Evan Kirby | Via unsplash
Evan Kirby | Via unsplash
In the fast-paced world that we live in, most of us do not even know what is in our food anymore, and it’s easy to rely on synthetic flavors to make up for bad quality products. This is where Gecobli comes in. A new ice cream place in Munich, opened by Nico Gerstmeyr, who with his combination of international flavors makes his ice cream only out of the best possible ingredients.

So Nico, you are the brains behind this operation. What inspired you to open Gecobli?

I was living in Atlanta for four years during my undergraduate degree. The nearest place that sold good ice cream was a 30 minute car ride away, and I got sick and tired of only eating mediocre ice cream by the pint from the supermarket. So I went ahead, bought myself an ice cream machine and started to make my own.

Gecobli © Nico Gerstmeier

There is a lot of meaning behind the name of Gecobli. Tell us about it.

Our name comes from our philosophy. Gelato: traditional and honest; Cosmopolitan: using the best ingredients from the region and all over the world; Blissful: we want to create the most exciting experiences for the palate with our products.

You put quality and flavor first and emphasize that there should be no secrets about what you put into your ice creams to produce them. How do you achieve this?

Any customer that asks – or that doesn’t leave fast enough – will get a fully transparent insight into everything we do and why we stand by our philosophy. We want to create awareness for great taste, which industrial products are destroying continuously by the use of inferior ingredients and profit-maximizing production methods. We do not use colorants, or any additives for that matter – only the freshest and best ingredients make it into our gelati and sorbetti.

Gecobli © Nico Gerstmeier

You must rely on a lot of technology and development to create the best possible quality. What is your secret behind this?

There is no secret, just dedication. Of course we are informed of – and utilize – the most advanced equipment possible. After that it’s all trial and error until we find the perfect mix/balance of ingredients to create a product where each component can be distinctly tasted and which, together, create an exciting, palatable experience.

Your philosophy is one step backwards, two steps forward. What is behind this concept?

As I mentioned, trial and error is how we incrementally progress to reach the perfect mix of ingredients. However, reflecting and analyzing all tests is crucial to determine which is the correct step forward. We don’t try to rush ourselves – good things take time. Hence, if something doesn’t immediately work the way we like – and it rarely does – we go one step back to take two steps forward.

You have now been open for a few months; how has your company evolved since you first opened?

Evolution is hard to measure over only a couple of months. But it’s been delightful to see how well customers accept our products and philosophy. We’ve managed to build a loyal customer base in just a short time. These returning customers are also part of the evolutionary process, as we incorporate their feedback to become even better.

Gecobli © Nico Gerstmeier

Why did you decide to open it here in Munich?

I was born here and lived here almost my entire life. I love to explore the world, but Munich will always be my home. Moreover, from my travels I’ve encountered so many fascinating flavors and tastes, which aren’t yet present anywhere in Munich. Thus, I want to give people here the same taste experiences as I have encountered abroad. People here are slow to adapt to completely novel flavor combinations, but they are definitely intrigued and willing to experiment.

Where do you draw your inspiration to make new flavors?

Anywhere! Talking to friends, customers, reading articles, walking around a supermarket, TV, etc. I look at what fruits are in season and try to come up with some novel and unique flavors.

What is your favorite flavor you have ever made?

Personally, earl-grey-lemon-pink-pepper! It’s not everyone’s cup of tea – pun intended – but it’s certainly the most interesting flavor I have made and tasted. The taste unfolds in three distinct stages, during each stage a different attribute is tasted dominantly. Thus, you also learn about the sensory nerves on your tongue, as the pattern of sweet, sour and spicy takes place as the sorbet moves from the front to the back part of the tongue.

Opening hours: Every day, 11:30am until 10pm