The History Of The Computerspielemuseum In 1 Minute

The History Of The Computerspielemuseum In 1 Minute
The Computerspielemuseum is the first of its kind in Europe. Its celebration of the many (leisurely) avenues of computers makes it a fun way to museum. It’s a great cultural alternative for those who find themselves shying away from the oppressive M word. Some might think having a whole institution dedicated to the art, enjoyment, general craft, and edification of computer games might be superfluous or downright silly, but this ubiquitous part of contemporary culture cannot be ignored; if anything it should be celebrated. The Computerspielemuseum is an excellent tool to deepen our understanding of the multiple possibilities of these joy-riddled mechanisms.

With its first fixed exhibition dating back to 1997, this institution dedicated to the interactive world of technological entertainment has been riding the evolution of this medium for almost two decades. Since opening their doors, they have not only exhibited nationally, but internationally as well.

The pieces that make up its exhibition bones are thanks to the association for the advancement of youth and social work, a non-profit organization that has worked tirelessly to put together a stellar collection for 13 years. With these various components in tow, Gameshouse GmbH is able to successfully run Computerspielemuseum and make it what it is today.

Their collection consists of over 22,000 computer games and applications, 10,000 volumes of journals, and 300 consoles and computer systems. It covers the medium in just about every aspect. There are old computer consoles that look like ancient artifacts compared to today’s slimmed down technology, vintage posters, interactive games and more. It’s about playing as much as it is about looking. With over 300 interactive exhibits that include items like a 1980s arcade game to a Nintendo console, it’s a can’t-miss for gaming enthusiasts. Computerspielemuseum is a place to discover a booming aspect of our cultural history while engaging and having fun.

📅 Monday – Sunday 10 am – 8 pm