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The History of Britzer Garden In 1 Minute
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The History of Britzer Garden In 1 Minute

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Updated: 11 May 2016
Britzer Garden might not be a Berlin veteran, considering the other cultural landmarks in her periphery, but just because she was inaugurated in 1985, doesn’t mean she’s not significant. Britzer Garden gets its name from the locality of Britz nestled in the heart of Neukoelln. Though she’s a newer addition to the verdant topography of Berlin’s parks, she’s a welcomed one in the South.

The village of Britz itself first popped up in the 13th Century and was officially absorbed into Berlin in the 1920s. Other than the lovely Britzer Park, the town is renowned for being home to the one of the UNESCO Berlin Modernist housing estates, Hufeisensiedlung or ‘horseshoe house’.

It was originally commissioned for the Bundesgartenschau, a biennal horticulture show in Germany, as well as a way to endorse local parks while giving citizens a platform for outdoor leisure. The Britzer garden is comprised of 80 hectares filled with gardens, playgrounds, flower patches, lakes and more. In addition to the natural splendor that the park is endowed with, there are a number of man-made offerings that draw in the crowds as well, like the Karl Foerster pavilion and the restaurant at Kalendarplatz. These spectacles offer an intentional juxtaposition to the park’s organic spread. There’s also the Britzer Museumsbahn that runs through the park, offering a look into antique modes of transportation.

Britzer Park also hosts a sundial that is the largest in Europe, in addition to a solar system walkway. In accordance with the very essence of the park’s privilege of nature, it has highlighted the ways in which society can make use of the natural elements. Not only does it allure park-goers with its endless beds of variegated flowers, but it encourages a dialogue about nature with its endless homages to the way it exists solely and collaboratively with humans. The park is run by the Grün Berlin Park und Garten GmbH to ensure the fluidity and prosperity of Britzer Garden.

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