The Best Yoga Studios in Leipzig, Germany

Courtesy of Bliss Ashtanga Yoga
Courtesy of Bliss Ashtanga Yoga
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2 March 2018

Yoga has become increasingly popular in recent years, and many German cities have seen studios pop up everywhere, Leipzig included. We took a look at what the city studios offer and found a wide range of classes from slow-paced Hatha courses, more demanding Vinyasa flow and Ashtanga classes to newer and more experiential methods. Here are the best yoga studios in Leipzig.

Bliss Ashtanga Yoga Leipzig

Bliss Ashtanga Yoga in Leipzig’s north welcomes newbies and experienced yogis to their weekly Ashtanga, Yin and Vinyasa classes. Christina brings nearly 11 years of teaching experience to the table and continuously expands her expertise. Whether you join one of the slow-paced Yin or Vinyasa classes or opt for an energetic Ashtanga practice, you’re in good hands. All lessons combine active components with periods of relaxation to stimulate both body and mind. Changing workshops explore different aspects in more depth and cover anything from the basic Ashtanga sequences to Ayurveda yoga or meditation. Check their website for the full schedule.

Drop-in class: €15

Courtesy of Bliss Ashtanga Yoga

Body & Soul Hot Yoga

Things can get sweaty at Body and Soul. The studio offers yoga and pilates classes in a room heated to up to 38°C (100°F). On the agenda is a mix of powerful and invigorating Vinyasa flow classes as well as Hatha yoga. The high temperature quickly turns Vinyasa flow into a sweat-inducing affair, while at the same time helping your bloody flush toxins from your system and increasing your flexibility. Make sure you bring plenty of water and two large towels to class, mats can be borrowed for a small fee of €2.

Drop-in class: €17

Chamundi Leipzig

A quick glance at the schedule of Chamundi reveals a whole variety of different practices. Next to traditional Hatha yoga classes and relaxing Yin yoga are Vinyasa Flow, Kundalini and power yoga on the agenda. And the studio has a couple of aces up its sleeve: aerial and acro yoga. The two concepts have experienced quite the boom in recent years and offer new experiences. Acro yoga combines traditional asanas and sequences with acrobatics, while an aerial yoga class provides a sense of weightlessness while you’re hanging in a blanket suspended from the roof. If you’re new to any of the practices offered, join a beginner class or workshop, or book a private lesson to see which of the classes are for you.

Drop-in class (regular / aerial yoga): €15 / €17

Courtesy of Chamundi Yoga

In Balance Yogazentrum Leipzig

The In Balance yoga centre occupies the light-flooded rooms of a former factory in Leipzig Connewitz. All classes are rooted in the Sivananda tradition, a type of Hatha yoga, and follow a 90-minute routine of a short relaxation period, pranayama exercises, sun salutations, several asanas and a few minutes of deep relaxation at the end. The studio doesn’t offer drop-in classes, but you get a free trial session before you commit to an eight-week-long course or a three-month-long membership.´

Eight-week-long course (one class a week): €99 / Three-month membership (one class a week): €48 / month

Ashtanga Yoga Loft Leipzig

Set in a beautiful loft in Leipzig’s trendy Plagwitz neighbourhood, the bright studio boasts an industrial charm of hardwood floors, high ceilings and bare brick walls. The focus is on traditional Ashtanga yoga, the energetic and powerful cousin of Hatha yoga. Each class consists of a set sequence of poses where every breath of air is assigned to a single movement. Next to the conventional Mysore approach, Ashtanga Yoga Loft also offers in-depth workshops, Yin and Vinyasa classes, chanting and meditation and other events throughout the year.

Drop-in class (regular / aerial yoga): €15

Courtesy of Ashtanga Yoga Loft


Situated on the southern fringe of the city centre, Yogama offers a myriad of different teachings and approaches: classic Hatha yoga, Vinyasa flow, dedicated classes for mums, seniors and beginners, tantric yoga, Kundalini, workshops focussing on spinal health and others are on the agenda. The studio is also one of few in Leipzig that teaches Jivamukti, a yoga style that incorporates philosophical elements into the practice, promoting a compassionate lifestyle.

Drop-in class: €18

Ananda Pur

Ananda Pur is situated at the heart of Leipzig’s Old Town and the perfect escape from the buzz of the city. The studio is dedicated to the yogic lifestyle and offers Vinyasa yoga classes, pre-and postnatal yoga, meditation, treatments and workshops. The focus of the classes shifts weekly and address aspects such as concentration and balance, the cardiovascular system, joints and flexibility or core strength and digestion.

Drop-in class: €12

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