The Best Yoga Studios in Cologne

Courtesy of Yes!Yoga
Courtesy of Yes!Yoga
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16 October 2017

Yoga studios across Cologne offer a large variety of courses and workshops and cover a number of different yoga teachings. Whether you’re looking for deep stretches during a Yin Yoga class, meditative Hatha breathing exercises or a demanding hot yoga course, our list below tells you where to go.

Lord Vishnus Couch

In three studios across Cologne, ‘The Couch’ offers Vinyasa Flow classes for all levels, pre- and postnatal courses for pregnant ladies and young mums and Yin Yoga classes for those who want to slow down, stretch out and relax. The studio is also one of the few in Germany that teaches Jivamukti, a physically demanding yoga discipline that advocates a compassionate lifestyle.

Lord Vishnus Couch, Stammstrasse 8, Cologne, Germany, +49 221 69039933


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YES YOGA, Köln | © Courtesy of Yes!Yoga
The beautiful light-flooded Yes!Yoga studio in central Cologne offers Power Yoga classes, sometimes accompanied by music. Each teacher has a style influenced by different disciplines and brings their individual experience to the table. It’s a great place to experiment and find your rhythm. Regular workshops give you the chance to perfect those inversions and arm balance postures.

Yoga Loft

The weekly course plan at Yoga Loft is mainly composed of Vinyasa Flow classes with a couple of pregnancy and postnatal slots, as well as Yin Yoga on Sundays. Some of the classes are taught in English. It’s also worth checking the calendar regularly for international guest teachers that offer a variety of classes and workshops.

Yoga Loft, Neusser Strasse 27-29, Cologne, Germany, +49 221 1307 513

Hot Yoga Köln – Yoga 39°

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Hot Yoga Köln - Yoga39°, Köln
Hot Yoga Köln - Yoga39°, Köln | Courtesy of Chris Jaeger/Yoga39°
Cologne’s only hot yoga studio, Yoga 39° offers classes in a room heated to 39°C (102.2°F). The heat and humidity increase the flexibility and aim to detox and stimulate circulation. Most classes are okay to book for people of all fitness levels, though you should have some experience ahead of taking the HotPlus course.

Ashtanga Yoga Mitte

The Ashtanga Yoga Mitte studio sits in the heart of Cologne’s Belgian quarter and teaches the Ashtanga primary series. Teachers take the typical Mysore approach and give individual advice to each of the students. Beginners are welcome to join at any time. If you prefer to have a bit more guidance rather than jumping straight into the practice, you can join one of the in-depth introductory courses.

Ashtanga Yoga Mitte, Maastrichter Strasse 45, Cologne, Germany, +49 160 9030 8506

Tajet Garden

Yoga is only one component of Tajet Garden. Throughout the week, teachers offer Hatha Yoga for all ages with specifically designed classes for kids and yogis older than 50. The spiritual centre also does massages, healing workshops, Afro-dance classes, shaman teachings and more.

Tajet Garden, Alteburger Strasse 250, Cologne, Germany, +49 221 3430 15

Courtesy of Tajet Garden