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Bube & Dame | © Roanna Mottershead
Bube & Dame | © Roanna Mottershead
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The Best Womenswear Boutiques in Munich

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Updated: 19 April 2017
Though Munich‘s high street is best known for having multiple H&Ms within walking distance of each other and 90s treasures such as C&A, the city also has a thriving boutique scene where you can pick up something a little different. Culture Trip has found the top eight womenswear boutiques that’ll mix up the Munich shopping experience and your wardrobe.
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What makes Edited stand out is that it manages to bring together on their website not only a wide range of styles, designer and non-designer, but also a wide range of prices. Most boutiques aren’t cheap, but here, you’ll find everything from a dress for €12 to a Michael Kors number for €250. Most things are fairly simple block colours, but with unique cuts and styles. Due to its success at putting together a special collection across all price points, Edited now has four stores in Munich, Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt am Main which offer Edited’s own fashion brand, starting from €20-€170.

Edited, Amalienstraße 57, 80799 Munich, Germany, +49 89 2878 7614

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BoYco is a tiny store in the heart of Maxvorstadt that has a lot to offer. The owners are Italian and pick each of their pieces individually, with the aim of putting together a collection that will never go out of style. The result is a muted modern colour palette, with a slight boho feel; it’s the place to visit if you need that perfect patterned shirt for work, or something a bit different for date night. As well as clothes, they have a great collection of lovely scarves and handbags.

BoYco, Amalienstraße 55, 80799 Munich, Germany, +4989 28787408

The BoYco store, courtesy of BoYco

The BoYco store / Courtesy of BoYco

Kauf Dich Glücklich

If Instagram came to life in shop form, it would be Kauf Dich Glücklich. Packed full of the latest trends, prices can be unpredictable: one t-shirt will be €30, the next €99. They also stock some cosmetics. Most similar to stores like American Apparel, ‘buy yourself happy’ has proved popular with Münchners, and they now have stores in two locations in the city. Head to the Maxvorstadt store where you’ll be spoilt for choice with this and many other boutiques, as well as great places to stop for coffee.

Kauf Dich Glücklich, Reichenbachstraße 14, 80469 Munich, Germany, +49 89 25549269

Kauf Dich Glücklich, Schellingstraße 23, 80799 Munich, Germany, +49 89 24290317

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Bube & Dame

You’ll find this boutique in the yummy-mummy district of Neuhausen, and it has the stock to match. Mostly focusing on relaxed, casual clothes, they also specialise in eco and fair trade fashion. There’s a small range of men’s clothes too. Their shop is not only full of chic everyday outfits but has a whole host of bits and bobs for the home as well, from retro vases to lightboxes. As well as the store, you’ll also find them strutting their latest collection on Instagram – search for @bube_dame to see more.

Bube & Dame, Wilderich-Lang-Straße 6, 80634 Munich, Germany, +49 89 41118286

Bube & Dame © Roanna Mottershead

Bube & Dame | © Roanna Mottershead

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Amber Lounge

Amber Lounge’s owner, Marion Kleinert, wanted to create a ‘wonderland for women’. The result is high-quality fabric and beautiful prints in soft lilacs and pinks. As well as stocking big name brands – particularly for shoes – Kleinert is also a talented seamstress with her own dirndl and evening dress collection that can be tailored for the perfect fit. You’ll also find a good collection of swimwear from brands such as Lovestories. To complete your look, you can also buy jewellery, evening bags, and even mobile phone covers!

Amber Lounge, Türkenstraße 51, 80799 Munich, Germany, +49 89 25546793

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Looking to find something really unique? Stoffwechsel is a brilliant secondhand store in the heart of Neuhausen. It’s incredibly well organised by size, and they don’t just take whatever comes their way; they specialise in colourful, vintage clothing and jewellery. Full of hidden treasures and absolute bargains, the store hires and trains people who may find it difficult to get work elsewhere and is a non-profit organisation. Plan your trip – it’s not open on Sundays or Mondays.

Stoffwechsel, Donnersbergerstraße 32, 80634 Munich, Germany, +49 89 12 15 9583

Stoffwechsel store © Roanna Mottershead

Stoffwechsel store | © Roanna Mottershead

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Pearl’s owner, Christa Karari, brings her experience as a former label owner to her boutique by the Isar. Since 1997, her store has specialised in bringing together a collection of pieces from designers that are just starting out, including those from Munich. The result is a varied range of styles from floral-print dresses from Yumi to retro pieces from Eucalyptus. It’s open until 7 PM on weekdays and 6 PM on Saturdays and is a good place to escape the crowds and try something new.

Pearl, Reichenbachstr. 3580469 Munich, Germany, +49 89 2015590

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The ultimate in Japanese chic, Yukai is full of muted taupes and neutral colours on simple pieces. Owned by Roland and Ursula Pötzl, the latter is responsible for their Japanese-inspired designs that are made in small batches in Germany and focus on the ‘art of omission’. They mostly stock sizes 36–46 but can also make to measure. They now have two stores in Wiesbaden and central Munich that stock their own designs as well as unique jewellery and Shibori scarves from Japan.

Yukai, Kurfürstenstraße 45, 80801 Munich, Germany, +49 89 20061828

Yukai store © Yukai

Yukai store | © Yukai