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The Best Wine Bars In Munich, Germany
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The Best Wine Bars In Munich, Germany

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bavaria and its capital city may be world renowned for Oktoberfest and its famous beers, but Munich and its surrounding regions also have a lot to offer when it comes to high-quality wines. Here’s our guide to the most exquisite wine bars.
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Since opening in May 2013, the Vintage-Selection team has been specializing in high-quality German wines, coming from both small and bigger sized wineries. The wines are hand-picked by the two owners and reflect a strong dedication to quality and diversity. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of gourmet wines coming directly from different German regions, such as Franconia and Baden-Würtemberg. Vintage-Selection also offers fantastic wine seminars with different focuses. These include ‘Sushi & Champagne’, where Asian culinary culture meets German wineries, or evenings dedicated to the wines of a special chosen winery.

Vintage-Selection, Westermühlenstraße 39, Munich, Germany, +49 (0)89 88 56 97 18

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Kork Weinbar

Kork Weinbar, run by wine connoisseurs Marion and Oliver Bruckner, is dedicated to offering great quality German wines to its guests. The Kork Weinbar’s diverse menu reflects this passion for German viticulture and includes grape varieties from as many as 13 cultivation areas all over Germany. Kork Weinbar complements its fantastic selection of wines with inventive culinary delicacies. They change on a weekly basis and reflect a dedication to seasonal ingredients. The wine bar also regularly features special events, such as a so-called ‘wine discovery tour’ and evenings with well-known winemakers.

Kork Weinbar, Angertorstraße 4, Munich, Germany, +49 (0)89 20973032

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Geisel’s Vinothek

Geisel’s wine bar, situated in the heart of Munich right between the main train station and Stachus, one of the city’s main squares, successfully combines high-quality wines with gourmet cuisine. As many as 30 different open wines are available at Geisel’s and more than 700 bottled wines that come from all over the world. This creates a multifaceted wine selection, which is adapted on a monthly basis. Classic wines from Germany and France are offered side by side with inventive additions, such as Swedish apple ice-wine, to Geisel’s guests.

Geisel’s Vinothek, Schützenstraße 11, Munich, Germany, +49 (0)89 551 37 71 40

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Déjà Bu?

Déjà Bu?, is an authentic French wine bar in the heart of Munich that brings a bit of France to the Bavarian capital. Unlike the majority of wine bars in Munich that focus on German viticulture, Déjà Bu specializes in outstanding French wines that are hand-picked and come directly from French wineries. The wineries are chosen personally by the owners, who assure dedication to great taste and quality in all their wines. The fantastic selection of French wines is accompanied by French culinary delights that successfully round off an authentic evening with great French flair.

Déjà Bu?, Buttermelcherstraße 2A, Munich, Germany, +49 174 7048807

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Sarfati is an Italian-style wine bar in the center of Munich that also has a restaurant as well as an attached shop. Here wines can also be bought to be consumed in the comfort of your own home. The bar and restaurant are dedicated to serving high-quality Italian wines. They are sourced from ecologically responsible wineries, who refrain from using artificial aromas in their wines. To achieve an authentic Italian atmosphere, the bar’s interior was also designed by a Milanese architect and decorated with traditional Italian products and handicraft. During harvest season, Sarfati also offers a typically Italian aperitivo on Monday evening, where the bar’s diverse wine menu is complemented with Italian delicacies.

Sarfati, Kazmairstraße 28, Munich, Germany, +49 89 45237867