The Best Weekend Trips From Schwerin

Dresden Frauenkirche
Dresden Frauenkirche | © Pauline_17 / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
23 May 2018

Wondering what to do with a spare weekend in Schwerin? Let’s spoil you with choices. The city that needs no introduction – Berlin, or amazing Hamburg? The international city of Copenhagen across the border or the fairy-tale town of Bremen? Whichever you choose, you just can’t go wrong.


A weekend is Berlin promises to be filled with attractions of cultural, architectural and historical importance. If you are interested in learning about Berlin’s tumultuous and inspiring past, perhaps you can utilize the weekend to tour the Second World War and Cold War monuments and relics in the city. As long as you are ready for a busy day, it is possible to fit in many of the other attractions of Berlin in a day. Refer to our one-day walking tour for more details.

Distance from Schwerin: 112 miles / 181 km

Holocaust Memorial in Berlin | © Meli1670 / Pixabay


Why limit yourself to Germany when the gorgeous Danish capital is only a few hours’ drive away? Copenhagen has myriad attractions for travelers, but its compact size means that with a little bit of planning, you can get a pretty good introduction to the city over a weekend. This guide tells you how best to spend a weekend in Copenhagen and points you towards the major highlights of the city, including the most popular museums, the lively city center, beautiful water side, nature spots and restaurants. Call it overhyped as much as you want, but don’t leave town without taking a photo with the famed Little Mermaid, the icon of Copenhagen.

Distance from Schwerin: 217 mi / 350 Km

Little Mermaid | © sharonang / Pixabay


How about spending the weekend at a city that literally rose from its ashes after the Second World War as beautiful as ever? Dresden, sitting pretty by the River Elbe, is the dream city of those even mildly interested in history, architecture or wine. To make the most of your weekend in Dresden, refer to this guide that takes you to the most significant architectural landmarks, museums, galleries, restaurants and pubs in the city.

Distance from Schwerin: 249 mi / 401 Km

Frauenkirche in Dresden | © 12019 / Pixabay


A perfect weekend in the happening city of Leipzig must mean visiting St Nicholas Church, University of Leipzig, New City Hall, Federal Administrative Court, St. Thomas Church, Old City Hall Applied Arts Museum, Bach Museum and Museum der Bildenden Künste. Also, don’t miss a sweeping view over the city from the observation deck of Völkerschlachtdenkmal, a monument erected in remembrance of the 1813 the Battle of the Nations. This guide would help you to best manage your short time in Leipzig.

Distance from Schwerin: 231 mi / 372 Km

Neues Rathaus Leipzig | © Appaloosa / WikiCommons


A weekend is ample time to appreciate Hamburg’s outstanding architecture, including Alter Elbtunnel, St. Michael’s Church, Krameramtsstuben, the Elbphilharmonie, Speicherstadt (the world’s biggest warehouse ensemble), Chilehaus (a unique UNESCO-listed British Expressionism style office building constructed from 4.8 million bricks), and the neo-Renaissance City Hall, among others. Also, make sure you visit Miniatur Wunderland, a world-famous model railway museum.

Distance from Schwerin: 57 miles / 92 km

Hamburg | © guentherlig / Pixabay


The better part of a day in Hanover will typically be spent exploring the fascinating architecture of the Herrenhausen Palace and Gardens. This sprawling parkland is made of four unique gardens, namely the Great Garden (Großer Garten), the Berggarten, the Georgengarten and the Welfengarten. Each garden offers something unique of architectural or historic importance. The rest of your weekend is best spent checking out New Town Hall, marveling at the art collection at Lower Saxony State Museum and visiting the imposing ruins of the Aegidienkirche. To unwind, there is no better place than Lake Maschsee.

Distance from Schwerin: 112 miles / 180 km

Herrenhausen Castle | © RalfGervink / Pixabay


Visitors to Wernigerode are invariably left grasping for adjectives to describe its surreal quaintness. The stunning hilltop Wernigerode Castle gazes down at a wonderfully preserved historic market square, lined by rows of half-timbered houses. A favorite activity of travelers is to take the nostalgic train that chugs up to the highest peak of the Harz Mountains, Brocken.

Distance from Schwerin: 162 mi / 261 Km

Wernigerode Castle in the Harz mountains, Germany | © Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH/Shutterstock


The Lower Saxony town of Celle, perched shyly by the banks of the Eller River, is a 1,000-year-old historic town where time has practically stood still for centuries. A relaxed weekend in town is enough to see its highlights. The most noteworthy landmark in Celle is the ducal castle. This Baroque and Renaissance building might not be a fairy-tale castle but is historically important as the castle of the Guelphs, a famous dynasty that are still around today. The rest of your weekend will pass by in a blink as you explore the history of Lower Saxony at the Bomann Museum, marvel at the individuality of the 24-hour Kunstmuseum and have oodles of family fun at the Filmtier Park.

Distance from Schwerin: 117 mi / 189 Km

Celle old town | © falco / Pixabay


A weekend in Potsdam is sure to be memorable. After all, Potsdam has some of the most scintillating architecture in Germany. You will want to spend the better part of a day touring the opulent Sanssouci Palace and its extensive garden scattered with stunning architecture. Our walking tour will help you cover maximum ground in this amazing city.

Distance from Schwerin: 129 miles / 208 km

Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam | © PeterBe / Pixabay


How about spending the weekend at the town made famous by a fairy tale that children around the world grew up with? We are talking about none other than Bremen, the city of the Town Musicians. A sculpture of these four beloved friends is still the most photographed site in town. Other must-see places in Bremen include the 1,200-year-old Bremen Cathedral and the stunning UNESCO-listed City Hall.

Distance from Schwerin: 114 miles / 184 km

Bremen Town Musicians sculpture | © kavalenkava / Shutterstock

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