The Best Weekend Trips From Heidelberg, Germany

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22 March 2018

Heidelberg is unanimously agreed to be among the most romantic towns in Germany. In addition to its many attractions, its appeal lies in its fabulous location. With this town as a base, you can not only explore several exciting spots in Germany, but even hop across the border to exquisite destinations in three more countries (Liechtenstein, France, and Switzerland) over a day or a weekend. Get ready to be spoiled for choice.


Liechtenstein is a tiny country, sandwiched between Switzerland and Austria, that packs incredible alpine beauty. A weekend is enough time to enjoy its highlights, including the historic hilltop Vaduz Castle, where royals still reside, shopping in Vaduz town, the stunning gothic castle in Balzer and sweeping views from Triesenberg. The country also offers great conditions for skiing, snowboarding, biking, mountain biking, and hiking.

Liechtenstein Castle | © peterart / Pixabay

Weekend Trips to Switzerland


The Swiss city of Basel is less hyped than many other locations in Switzerland, but certainly worth a stop because of its many attractions. Basel has a series of incredible museums catering to every interest. Take your pick from a toy museum, art museums, history museums, and more. Follow it up with a visit to the historic Munster and explore the historic old town around the river, and it will certainly be a weekend worth remembering.

Basel | © chiaro_di_luna / Pixabay


Highlights of a weekend in the Swiss capital of commerce must include the beautiful architecture (Grossmünster, Fraumünster, Peterskirsche) its old town is known for. While art enthusiasts would love the Kunsthaus (deemed to be the best art museum in Switzerland), nature lovers will certainly enjoy a lazy cruise on Lake Zürich. If there is time, head to Uetliberg, Zurich’s very own mountain, for incredible views.


Bern promises a delightfully quiet and pristine weekend, as it lacks the hustle and bustle you would normally associate with a capital city. It’s a pleasure walking by the River Aare and exploring the quaint alleys branching off the old town. Don’t miss the rose garden that houses almost 200 varieties of rose and promises great views of the city skyline, including the Bern Munster.

Bern | © xmax88 / Pixabay

Weekend Trips Within Germany


The city of two snazzy automobile museums (Mercedes Benz and Porsche), lush gardens, and stunning architecture, Stuttgart promises a busy, exciting weekend. If you are an art enthusiast, a weekend will go by in a blink as you explore the rich art scene of this city.


Though often sidelined as a boring business city, Frankfurt has enough exciting sights and sounds to fill a weekend. Start by exploring its historic old town with its many unique pieces of architecture, and stop to admire Frankfurt’s super-quaint market square, Römerberg. The city also boasts a number of great museums and galleries, many of which appeal to children and adolescents as well.

Frankfurt | © 12019 / Pixabay


Konstanz, a captivating city by Lake Constance, is known for its historic old town, ancient architecture, and panoramic views of the river. Don’t miss rediscovering the city skyline from a cruise boat. And if you wish to branch out, spend a few hours at the nearby flower island of Mainau.


Triberg is a jewel in Germany’s fairy-tale region, the Black Forest. A weekend here is best spent exploring the small town on foot, hiking to the top of the the roaring Triberg waterfalls, checking out endless cuckoo clocks at the House of 1000 Clocks, and treating yourself to heaven on plate, also known as Black Forest gateau.

Black Forest gateau | © Couleur / Pixabay

Baden Baden

The upscale, impeccably maintained city of Baden Baden should be your destination if you wish to treat yourself to a luxurious spa weekend. As well as for its natural thermal springs, the city is known for its vast swathes of greenery and high-end shopping.


Karlsruhe is an intoxicating mix of breathtaking neoclassical architecture, vast swathes of greenery and lakes, vibrant shopping scene, and seemingly endless museums and galleries. The most famous sight in town is the sprawling Karlsruhe Palace.

Karlsruhe Palace | © connie_sf / Pixabay

Weekend Trips to France


When you visit Colmar, you feel as if you have walked into a glossy travel magazine. This gem in the French Alsace region is crisscrossed by canals, which are lined by chocolate-box houses with flower-box windows and picturesque cafés.

Colmar | © chatst2 / Pixabay


Nancy, a chic riverside French city, is best known for its Place Stanislas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Other highlights include several great art museums, a large wooden parkland named Parque de la Pépinière, and the lush Jardin botanique du Montet garden.


Strasbourg is a magical city where beautifully preserved ancient architecture blends seamlessly with a multicultural, lively, modern atmosphere. Spend an unforgettable weekend strolling by its beautiful canals, gazing at its stunning architecture, and indulging in some scrumptious German–French cuisine.

Strasbourg | © 12019 / Pixabay

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