The Best Weekend Getaways from Stuttgart

Bern | © xmax88 / Pixabay
Bern | © xmax88 / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
8 November 2017

Stuttgart not only boasts a vast array of tourist attractions within the city itself, but also scores major brownie points as a base for day trips and weekend getaways. Thanks to its unique location, it is conveniently close to exciting tourist spots across Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and France! Take your pick from a luxurious spa town, a number of scintillating international cities, and one of the top theme parks in Europe, to add extra zing to your Stuttgart holiday.


Lake Konstanz, lapping the foothills of the Alps, is among the most popular holiday spots in Germany. One of the many gems of this region is the sunny, picturesque city of Konstanz. A weekend is enough time to get a taste of the wonderful architecture and culture of the town, especially the ancient Konstanz Minster, Hohenzollernhaus, Rathaus, Rosgarten Museum, Archäologisches Landesmuseum, and Hus-Haus Museum. The Konstanz harbor is a perfect spot to unwind over sweeping views of the lake and delicious meals. Also, don’t leave Konstanz without taking a boat ride!

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 174 km (108 miles)

Konstanz harbor | © Tommy_Rau / Pixabay

Baden Baden

You don’t really need a reason to treat yourself to a luxurious spa weekend. And if that spa happens to be located in a gorgeous town in Germany’s impenetrable Black Forest, you don’t think – you just go. After a dip in the warm thermal baths at Baden Baden’s Friedrichsbad or Caracella Therme, you can almost see your ailments and stress leaving your body. You can use the newfound zest to explore the town’s beautiful gardens, Old Town, New Castle (Neues Schloss), Roman Bath ruins, and the Fabergé Museum. Do we even need to remind you to grab a slice (or several) of the legendary Black Forest cake?

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 105 km (65 miles)

Rosengarten, Baden-Baden | © Armin S Kowalski/Flickr

Freiburg Im Breisgau

The university town of Freiburg Im Breisgau in the Black Forest is one of the most beautiful and sunniest in the country, yet somehow underhyped. Gaze all you want at the Freiburg Minster dominating the skyline, but look where you are going! A misstep could land you in a Bächle, one of the narrow canals with flowing, clean water lining the streets. As legend goes, if you catch a wet foot in one, you must marry a local. While that might not be so terrible, it is very common to end up with a twisted ankle. Don’t miss Freiburg’s beautiful architecture, including New Town Hall, Martin’s Church, Haus zum Walfisch (House of the Whale), Martinstor (Martin Gate), and also the designer mosaic motifs on the ground.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 200 km (124 miles)

Freiburg Church | © violetta / Pixabay


Strasbourg, a jewel of the French Alsace region, is a fascinating city to explore. In Strasbourg, medieval charm blends seamlessly with contemporary design. The town is home to a stunning Gothic cathedral, rows of adorable half-timbered houses lining narrow alleys, merry young student crowds, and a glittering modernistic EU Quarter, all flanking canals crisscrossing through the city. Come winter, and the town transforms into a quintessential Christmas wonderland.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 150 km (93 miles)

Strasbourg | © HanshinLyon / Pixabay


The stunning city of Bregenz, Austria, is nestled on the southeastern shore of Lake Constance. While Bregenz spells heaven for biking and hiking enthusiasts, its incredible museums offer a generous dollop of culture. And, of course, you get to enjoy gorgeous views of the lake with snow-capped mountains in the horizon. A fun thing to do while in Bregenz is to ride the gondola to Pfänder Mountain.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 218 km (135 miles)

Bregenz | © Bilder_meines_lebens / Pixabay

Europa Park

For a fun-filled, thrilling family weekend, nothing can beat Europa Park, Europe’s second biggest and Germany’s largest theme park. It offers a plethora of fun rides suitable for the entire family, scintillating shows, beautifully done-up themed areas, and gourmet meal options. There is so much to see and do in Europa Park that it is a great idea to spend a night in one of the resorts in the park to make the most of the trip.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 172 km (107 miles)

Europa-Park-Straße 2, Rust, Germany, +49 7822 776 688


2,000 years of history harmoniously coexists with futuristic architecture in Basel, Switzerland. Basel is punctuated by an impeccably preserved Old Town, 40 incredible museums, 180 fountains, a number of castles and fortresses, and other exciting historic and modern architecture. The most iconic sights in Basel are the Minster and Rathaus in the Old Town, by the River Rhine.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 258 km (160 miles)

Basel | © chiaro_di_luna / Pixabay


The snazzy, culturally rich city of Zurich, Switzerland, needs no introduction among global travelers. It might be the business capital of the country, but it is also a treasure trove of activities and attractions for tourists. Spend a memorable weekend touring this charismatic city’s exciting architecture, vibrant squares, and great museums. A cruise on the sparkling Lake Zurich is sure to be the fitting icing on the cake.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 217 km (135 miles)

Zurich | © Jonny_Joka / Pixabay


Bern, Switzerland, is a thoroughly modern city that has held on to its old-world charm and has stayed aloof from the hustle and bustle normally associated with a country’s capital city. The UNESCO-listed Old Town, centered around the emerald-green Aare River and composed of a maze of romantic alleys, is an enchanting, peaceful place to explore for hours. Do take the time to check out at least a few of the renowned art galleries and museums of Bern.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 301 km (187 miles)

Bern | © Felix_Broennimann / Pixabay


The Bavarian city of Nuremberg might be small, but it is packed to the brim with enough culture, history, and sights to keep travelers busy for days. It is hard to believe that this peaceful, picturesque city was a notorious base during the Nazi regime, and witnessed the infamous Nuremberg Trials (1945 to 1949). To deepen your understanding of the horrors of Nazism, spend some time at the Nuremberg Trial Courthouse and Documentation Centre Party Rally Grounds. Nuremberg also has several other museums and galleries, some of which are great for kids as well.

Distance from Stuttgart: Approximately 210 km (130 miles)

Nuremberg Castle | © Gellinger / Pixabay

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