The Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Dusseldorf

© RitaE / Pixabay
© RitaE / Pixabay
Germany is a meat-loving country, and Dusseldorf is no exception to the rule. However, vegetarians and vegans in Dusseldorf need not despair, as the city also has a number of restaurants and cafés offering a variety of delicious vegetarian and vegan options.


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When it comes to vegetarian and vegan food in Dusseldorf, Sattgrün has no rival, proven by the fact that they have three restaurants in Dusseldorf, and all three are always busy. Their buffet lunch and dinner spreads have an irresistible selection of hot soups, salads, noodles, rice, vegetable dishes, and sinful desserts. The buffet at Sattgrün offers signature dishes of various countries, including Hungarian goulash, Italian pasta with sunflower seeds, Oriental pilaf, Asian lentil-bean curry, Indonesian noodles, and more.

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Laura's Deli

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The philosophy at Laura’s Deli is clean, nutritious, healthy food cooked with natural, pure ingredients. Fast food, chemically-processed food, and food laden with added sugar and additives have no place at Laura’s Deli. Though the deli has meat options, vegetarians and vegans love it because of its wide selection of sandwiches, salads, pastries, and yummy power smoothies. Laura’s Deli also caters to the needs of customers allergic to gluten and lactose. Customers especially rave about their specialties like West Coast lemon ricotta pancakes, green rice bowl, and coconut chia pudding.

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Carrot Cake

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Everybody with a sweet tooth in Dusseldorf loves Carrot Cake. Vegans especially swear by it because of its unbeatable selection of delicious vegan baked delights. Cake flavors at the Carrot Cake include blueberry, carrot, apple and cinnamon, mango lavender, apple, lemon, chocolate, plum, Black Forest, and lots and lots more. They also have muffins, brownies, green vegetable sandwiches, and falafel wraps, as well as a special breakfast spread on weekends.

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Frucht & Genuss

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Frucht & Genuss is a purely vegetarian joint, with vegan, gluten-free, and lactose-free options. The ingredients used in their dishes are fresh and organic, without harmful chemicals. The menu at Frucht & Genuss changes everyday, and includes unique creations like cashew-Parmigiano-tomato brioche with basil dip and roasted kernels on a colorful salad, baked pumpkin apple slices with roasted seeds on pasta salad in curry-lime vinaigrette, red cabbage salad with apple mango chutney and roasted walnuts, and more. Frucht & Genuss is also known for its delicious, healthy smoothies and homemade desserts. Guests can also buy fresh fruits and vegetables here.

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Fleischfrei, which translates to “meat-free,” offers vegetarian burgers, casseroles, pizza, pasta, finger foods, salads, and desserts, and is one of its kind in the city. Fleischfrei creates unique burgers including chickpea, pulled mushroom, mango chili, falafel, and more. Vegetarian pizza lovers can’t get enough of their vegan salami, mushrooms, courgettes, vegetarian ham, and spinach toppings. Their vegan Tiramisu is to die for and a perfect ending to a delicious meal.

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Greeny In A Bottle

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The specialty of Greeny In A Bottle is their power smoothies, which come in various delicious flavors and are stuffed with vitamins, enzymes, and anti-oxidants. They also serve cold-pressed juices, detox and green smoothies, as well as smoothies in bowls with fruit toppings. The menu at Greeny In A Bottle includes vegetarian and vegan soups, salads, and healthy snacks.

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Jade Vegetarische Küche

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Jade Vegetarische Küche, translating to Jade Vegetarian Kitchen, entices the tastebuds of its guests with a wide selection of vegetarian noodles, chopsueys, soups, fried rice, salads, and even vegetarian meats, including duck, meatballs, chicken, ham, and fish, apart from fresh green dishes, cornmeal, tofu, waffles, etc. Their dishes are light on the stomach and made from fresh organic ingredients, and can be washed down with one of the bio-drinks on the menu for a complete healthy meal.

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