The Best Things to do with Kids in Dusseldorf, Germany

Family | © kalhh / Pixabay
Family | © kalhh / Pixabay
Dusseldorf is a very child-friendly city and it is not at all difficult to keep children happy and occupied here. Apart from a delightfully large number of playgrounds and gardens, the city also offers a host of fun attractions especially designed for little guests. What’s more, if children happen to be in Dusseldorf during the big fair, carnival or Christmas markets, they may never want to go home.


At the Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, visitors can get up close to 560 fascinating species of aquatic animals, freshwater creatures and creatures from deserts and rainforests. Each of the 25 rooms in this museum offers exciting viewings of marine creatures and a wealth of information about the evolution, survival and diversity of sea creatures. A visit to the Aquazoo can always be complemented with some play time in Nordpark.

Kaiserswerther Str. 380 im Nordpark, 40474 Dusseldorf, +49 2118996150

Grafenberger Wald

Grafenberger Wald holds endless fascination for youngsters. This lush green forest is home to approximately 100 animals, including various species of deer, wild boars, wildcats, raccoons and foxes. Visitors are allowed to feed raw vegetables and apples to most of these animals. The deer are especially friendly and eat right off the hands of the visitors, drawing excited squeals from the little ones. Entry to the forest is free.

Rennbahnstraße 60, 40629 Dusseldorf, Germany, +49 211625972

Unterbacher See

Unterbacher See is Dusseldorf’s very own beach and a favourite family outing for locals, especially in the summer months. This lake with crystal-clear water is excellent for splashing, swimming, boating and water sports. The beach has a playground and a cafe selling fries, ice cream and other snacks. As the beach has a barbecue section, it is also a great place to have a picnic.

Unterbacher See, 40627 Dusseldorf, Germany

Neanderthal Museum

Museum, Park
Neanderthal Museum
Neanderthal Museum | © Efraimstochter / Pixabay
Older children will undoubtedly enjoy the Neanderthal Museum on the outskirts of the city; it’s a museum that tells the story of human evolution over four million years. The museum provides the information in an exciting and interactive way, through amazingly lifelike human sculptures and audiovisual presentations. A trip to the museum can be followed by a walk in the Neanderthal Valley, which houses Ice Age animals such as European bisons, and several other species of back-bred animals.
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Abenteuerspielplatz Oberkassel

The enormous Abenteuerspielplatz is an adventure playground suitable for children between six and 14 years old, though there is a small section with a sandpit for smaller children. The park provides endless opportunities to hang, climb, jump and run, encouraging children to channel their boundless energy and cultivate their natural curiosity. Children also love getting their hands dirty at the pottery sessions and in the construction section. The park is also home to a few animals.

Brüggener Weg 8, 40547 Dusseldorf, Germany, +49 211574871

Guided Tours for Children

Dusseldorf offers guided tours around the city that are especially designed for children, and aim to present the fascinating history and culture of the city in an engaging, fun manner. The City Rally takes children (and adults) for a look at the city’s exciting architecture, while the Harbour Rally takes children to explore the harbour area. The tours are suitable for children aged between eight and 12.

Dusseldorf architecture © herbert2512 / Pixabay

Climbing Walls

Children wanting to try out rock climbing should head to Superblock or Monkeyspot. Both of these gyms offer climbing walls of varied difficulty, and are suitable for everything from first-timers to experts. Trainers are always ready to help and provide advice. Other than providing great exercise, these sessions help to improve coordination and concentration.

Climbing wall © cegoh / Pixabay

Freizeitbad Dusselstrand

Freizeitbad Dusselstrand is a super-fun family destination in Dusseldorf. This indoor–outdoor aqua park boasts exciting water adventures, including slides, paddling pools, swimming pools, water fitness programs and games. From babies to expert swimmers, there is something fun for everyone to do. Parents can also take the opportunity to relax at the sauna.

Kettwiger Straße 50, 40233 Dusseldorf, +49 021195745700

AirHop Trampolinpark

AirHop Trampolinpark offers oodles of fun for children aged five and up. A jump session lasts 60 minutes, and owing to the popularity of the park, is best booked in advance online. There are several different kinds of trampoline, suitable for smaller and older children. They can also play dodgeball and basketball while jumping on the trampolines.

Fichtenstr. 47 – 49, 40233 Dusseldorf, +49 01801233210

Indoor Play Areas

When the weather is rainy or snowy, and the children are bouncing off the walls indoors, indoor playgrounds such as Bobbolino and Gino’s Kinderland come to the rescue. These play areas have huge climbing frames, tunnels, slides and bouncy castles that children like to spend hours exploring. For the little ones, there are smaller slides, ball pools, bobby cars and tiny carousels. Parents get to relax and grab a coffee at the bistro while keeping an eye on the children.

Ball pool © chrisjtse / Flickr