The Best Street Food Markets in Dusseldorf

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4 October 2017

One of the major upsides of Dusseldorf is its food. The city offers a wide range of gastronomic options for every taste bud. Street food markets in the city offer delicious food at affordable prices and are extremely popular with locals and tourists alike. Here are some of the best in Dusseldorf.

Markt am Carlsplatz

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Markt am Carlsplatz is one of the biggest farmer’s markets in the city, with over 60 stalls selling fresh produce. However, this market is also known for its yummy street food. Long queues, especially during lunch time, are certainly a testimony to the fact. They offer not just Dusseldorf specialties and German traditional dishes, but also international options. So, the all-time German favorites bratwurst and reibekuchen are gorged on together with Iranian yogurt with rose petals, pasta, Asian noodles, and French delicacies. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee entices shoppers to take a break from grocery shopping.

Rheinischer Bauernmarkt

Rheinischer Bauermarkt is another extremely popular farmer’s market in Dusseldorf. Though they don’t have a lot of options when it comes to ready-to-eat food, it takes a lot of self-control to leave the market without indulging in their fabulous baked goods. Locals flock to the bakery stall for oven-fresh breads, bread rolls, cakes and pastries in many flavors. Bauernmarkt operates in six locations in Dusseldorf.


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Dusseldorf Fischmarkt is heaven for foodies, especially fish lovers. The stalls at Fischmarkt sell perfectly cooked, delicious dishes, accompanied by wine and other beverages. The star point of attraction of this street food market is that signature dishes from various countries are available here. Though fish and seafood dishes are the most popular in this market, a lot of other options are available as well. The market opens on specific dates only and gets very busy.

Street Food Thursday

Every foodie in Dusseldorf looks forward all month to Street Food Thursday (first Thursday of every month). Food trucks offering local and regional delicacies come together to tickle the taste buds of Dusseldorfers. Pasta, noodles, burgers, fries, sausages, desserts, foodies can gorge on anything their hearts desire. With live music added to the mix, this event takes on a truly festive charm.

Street Food Thursday, Ronsdorfer Straße 134, 40233 Düsseldorf, +49 2 1173 0350

Street Frankfurter with Toppings, Germany | © HeyAshStock/Shutterstock

Street Frankfurter with Toppings, Germany | © HeyAshStock/Shutterstock


Düsstanbul is a little slice of Turkey in Dusseldorf. Düsstanbul sells delicious Turkish specialties from food trucks right by the River Rhine, so that foodies can enjoy some gorgeous views while munching. The most popular items are kebabs, doner, Turkish pizza and sandwiches.

Düsstanbul, Rotterdamer Str. 30, 40474 Düsseldorf, +49 17 2774 3507

Düsstanbul Döner Boot, Dusseldorf, Germany | © abudulla.saheem/Flickr

Düsstanbul Döner Boot, Dusseldorf, Germany | © abudulla.saheem/Flickr

Luxor Grill

Luxor Grill is known for its fabulous, freshly-made grilled chicken, and a whole lot of other yummy snacks including fries, schnitzel, sausage dishes, burgers, and a wide variety of salads. Luxor Grill has two small permanent shops in Dusseldorf and sells food out of trucks at several weekly markets. The complete menu as well as location details are available on their website.