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Flammkuchen © Stefan Muth/Flickr
Flammkuchen © Stefan Muth/Flickr
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The Best Restaurants In Bilk, Düsseldorf

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bilk is part of Düsseldorf’s third district, where most of the city’s inhabitants are concentrated. The site of the popular Heinrich-Heine-University, this vibrant, densely populated area is ideal for going out for food and drinks, especially since it’s connected to an excellent public transportation network. Whether you’re in the mood for something experimental or traditional, fancy or frugal, German or global, there’s a great restaurant in Bilk to suit every style and budget. Read on for our top recommendations.
Delicious Greek food | © Anna & Michal/Flickr
Delicious Greek food | © Anna & Michal/Flickr

Taverne Pegasos

Taverne Pegasos is considered by many locals to be one of the best Greek restaurants in the city. After a few meals here, it’s not hard to see why; every dish is prepared faithfully according to Greek tradition, using only the most authentic ingredients. Their specialty is fish, so if you’re a fan of seafood be sure to try their king-fried prawns, their lemonata (fresh steamed fish in a fine lemon sauce), or even their seafood spaghetti. Meat lovers will find plenty of satisfying options here as well, from the classic mousaka to the tempting bifteka (a spicy hamburger stuffed with feta cheese). Taking a look at their drinks list, you’ll also discover an uncommon selection of excellent Greek wines. As this popular restaurant is often full, remember to book a table in advance.

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After a mesmerizing afternoon getting lost in the Kunstsammlung’s modernist exhibits, head to Schorn for an evening of equally inspired cuisine. This small family owned restaurant has gained a big reputation for its delicious, delightfully plated dishes. Here, cooking is approached as a colorful, experimental art form, and every plate is an inventive new piece to take in. The menu offers a range of original culinary compositions, as well as smart options for wine pairings. The service is friendly and the atmosphere cozy, so don’t miss this place if you want to try something different.

Schorn, Martinstraße 46A, 40223 Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 3981972

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Kucci offers the best Afghan dining in Düsseldorf, in a cozy, plush and well-decorated venue. In this case we’d say to let the menu be your guide, and opt for its own ‘Special Recommendations’ for starters: namely, the Pisces Mirantique (a pan-fried ‘Afghan Sea-Surprise’ with salad) and the Anseris Hepar (pan-fried organic goose liver on salad greens, with Hawaiian black sea salt). Their specialty entrées include options for every palate, from the homemade leek dumplings in curd-garlic tomato sauce to the lamb shank on basmati rice with potatoes, raisins, and almonds. There’s also a full vegetarian menu, and a couple delicious dessert options; try the firni, Kucci’s own homemade almond crème with pistachio crumble.

Kucci Restaurant, Kopernikusstraße 82, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 54419063

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Right by the University Hospital, Weise is a pub which serves delicious German bar food such as schnitzel with fries, as well as a variety of tasty flammkuchen or flambéed tarts (try the grilled vegetable tarte with feta cheese, or the grilled goat cheese with argulua, pear and cranberries). The food can be paired with your choice of beer or wine, as you’ll find a great selection of both at this bar. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, as you’d expect from a pub, and there are large tables throughout the venue to accommodate larger groups of diners. There’s also a terrace for enjoying warm summer nights.

Weise Restaurant, Himmelgeister Str. 117, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 313777

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Mario’s is an authentic Italian trattoria in the heart of Düsseldorf. The staff speaks fluent Italian, and the menu features homemade pasta created daily – highlights include the classic fresh truffle pasta and the pasta with lemon sauce – along with many other traditionally prepared Italian dishes, including several delicious fish and meat options. As you’re studying the compact menu trying to decide what you’re going to eat, you can munch thoughtfully on complimentary fresh bread with extra virgin olive oil and tuna. Although the restaurant is not small, it’s always better to book a table in advance here, as the place does good business and is often full.

Mario’s, Friedrichstraße 125, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 3160990

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Mekong is one of the best restaurants in Dusseldorf, and undoubtedly the best place to enjoy authentic Thai food in the city. The interior décor is typical of a Thai restaurant, with traditional decorations, detailing, music, and welcoming service. The menu offers a variety of options and a degree of customization: you can pick from a range of meat, fish and vegetables for your staple ingredient, and then pair that with one of their sauces. Whatever you choose, the portions are large, the plating is stunning, and the food itself is quite tasty. You’ll also be served according to Thai tradition here, so don’t expect a very quick in-and-out affair.

Mekong, Friedrichstraße 121, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 316837

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Gaststatte Geissel

Gaststatte Geissel is a restaurant/bar with a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, which serves simple but freshly prepared food. Perfect for a relaxed meal with friends, this place offers large tables, an outdoor area, and a menu to suit every taste. Whether you’re craving meat, fish, pasta, salads, or even a fancy baked potato, you’ll find it here. For adventurous palates, we’d recommend the venison goulash with nut spaetzle and quince compote. Tasty vegetarian options are also available, like the penne with arugula, walnuts and pear gorgonzola sauce. Portions are always abundant, and the price almost feels criminal for the quality. If you’re in Bilk on the weekend, Geissel’s Sunday buffet is not to be missed.

Gaststatte Geissel, Aachener Str. 58, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 60028890

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This sweet family owned restaurant is known for its authentic, delicious Persian cooking, and most of all for its incredibly friendly, warm service, which has turned any number of Bilk’s locals into regulars. Kandu‘s menu offers generous portions of a wide range of typical Persian fare, and has an especially impressive kebab section. The menu is also available in English, and food can be also be ordered online for delivery if your night gets rained out.

Kandu, Martinstraße 34, Düsseldorf, Germany, +49 211 15791541