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The Best Music Startups In Berlin You Should Know
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The Best Music Startups In Berlin You Should Know

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 22 November 2016
With its contributions to the realms of electronic and ambient music coupled with an ever-burgeoning startup scene, Berlin is home to some pretty compelling audio ventures. From apps that improve the sound quality of your headphones to digital services with proven track records for improving peoples’ abilities to play instruments, here are the city’s top music startups.


One of the best-known startups not only in Berlin but also worldwide, there is no doubt this company put Germany’s capital on the map as a lucrative place to grow a tech venture. It is primarily used as a way for users to upload, share, and promote their own music. Many people who enjoy electronic artists or other lesser known individuals can find such work on SoundCloud. More than 175 million people worldwide use the site to listen to music or to upload their own. While the company was actually founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2007, it relocated to Berlin less than a year later.


Many of us have attempted to teach ourselves how to play guitar. The instrument is easy, accessible, and widely used across many genres of popular music. Yet, few actually make enough progress to learn when they do it on their own. If only there was a way to make the process more user-friendly and structured! The founders of Uberchord tapped into this need by creating an interactive guitar trainer app. Through the phone’s microphone, Uberchord can ‘hear’ each chord the user plays and then adjust the lessons to their personal progress trajectories. Uberchord also functions as a convenient guitar tuner for experienced players and novices alike.


Teaching oneself how to play the piano is a markedly more difficult task than learning guitar, but a solid foundation on this instrument can prove invaluable to learning others down the line. Not to mention, the piano is another highly versatile instrument found in a myriad of different genres of music. Flowkey is to the piano as Uberchord is to the guitar. With this app, a person can learn in a more practical, hands-on manner, which allows them to pick up songs much more quickly than traditional learning methods. The app includes videos and diagrams of people playing the desired song next to the actual sheet music. There are adjustable options for people of all levels, too.


While the other apps on this list focus exclusively on one type of instrument each, EUMLab is actually a conglomerate of multiple different applications, each tailored to different instruments ranging from the ukulele to the bass to drums. Since 2012, EUMLab has been developing a wide range of various tools including tuners, metronomes, lessons, tutorials, and more. There is particular emphasis on ukulele instructions, making it easier than ever to pick up this simple, appealing, and increasingly popular instrument. EUMLab’s half million users seem to agree. In addition to their Berlin headquarters, EUMLab also has an office located in Hangzhou, China.

Courtesy of EUMLab
Courtesy of EUMLab | Courtesy of EUMLab


Capturing another niche in the music world that often gets overshadowed in Berlin, Lizzar is geared towards indie music. Similar to SoundCloud, Lizzar helps to democratize the music world by allowing smaller artists to grow an organic following. They simply have to upload their work and start sharing. The app is even designed to help artists from different genres access their target audiences. Meanwhile, the app tailors to its listeners’ music preferences to match them with the best possible music suggestions. They can even adjust their desired music by dimensions like language and mood as well as genre.

Courtesy of Lizzar
Courtesy of Lizzar | Courtesy of Lizzar

Solid Sound Labs

One aspect of the digital music experience we haven’t covered is the gear. Of course, the better the sound system, the better the listening experience. While many of us stick with ear buds and others level up with nicer headphones, Solid Sound Labs is an app that enhances the quality of the listening devices. They promise listeners the ability to rediscover their favorite songs by making audible various details and subtleties while also intensifying and expanding the range of audio produced through the headphones, ‘instantly becoming fuller, clearer, and more precise.’ The app itself operates like any other music playing device, automatically syncing the music library on the phone.