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The Hirmer store in central Munich © Hirmer
The Hirmer store in central Munich © Hirmer
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The Best Menswear Stores in Munich

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Updated: 6 April 2017
So you’ve already got your lederhosen and are all set for Oktoberfest, but what about the rest of the year? Despite being the heart of traditional Bavaria, Munich has a whole range of Instagram-worthy boutiques and upmarket stores for guys. Whether you’re looking for that perfectly tailored suit and personal shopping experience or something more casual, we’ve found the best shopping spots for men in Munich.
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This Munich institution could only be first on the list. Just off Marienplatz in the heart of the city center, Hirmer‘s six floors of men’s clothing is hard to miss. It’s been helping Munich men look sharp since 1938, and its founder, Hans Hirmer, was designing as early as 1915. The store is known throughout Germany, and claims to be the biggest men’s fashion store in the world. It’s maintained its classic, high-end feel and, with 7,500 items permanently in stock, is the place to go for a suit for a special occasion. Once you and your credit card are tired, you can take a break in the Hirmer Tagesbar overlooking Frauenplatz square.

Hirmer, Kaufingerstraße 28, München, Germany, +49 8923 6830

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Kauf Dich Glücklich

If Instagram came to life in shop form, it would be Kauf Dich Glücklich. Packed full of the latest trends, prices can be unpredictable: one t-shirt will be €30, the next €99. They also stock some cosmetics too. Most similar to stores like American Apparel, “buy yourself happy” has proven popular with Münchners and they now have stores in two locations in the city. Head to the Maxvorstadt store where you’ll be spoilt for choice with this and many other boutiques, as well as great places to stop for coffee.

Kauf Dich Glücklich, Schellingstraße 23, München, Germany, +49 89 2429 0317

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Despite only opening its doors in 2014, STEREO has a prestigious location right opposite the Residenz — there’s even a café serving cakes and green smoothies on the first floor where you can admire the view. Its stock is modern and stylish, without jumping on every trend. It has everything from Italian suits to American denim, and the store has a relaxed atmosphere (with comfy sofas) to match. Its mainstream store equivalent would probably be Zara Men, and it’s a good place to find something for a date night.

STEREO, Residenzstraße 25, München, Germany, +49 89 2420 3954

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Shopping here makes you feel instantly cooler, and also a little inferior! As well as wardrobe staples — particularly good casual shirts — it stocks premium fashion brands ranging from Acne Studios to Nike. The store started as part of owner Philip Stolte’s final year thesis for his graphic design degree, and has become part of the umbrella brand HOUSEOFHRVST. As well as stocking interesting, modern designs, Stolte continues to use his design background to partner with brands like Adidas and even Vitsoe to create everything from shoes to furniture.

HRVST, Zieblandstraße 5, Maxvorstadt, München, Germany, +49 89 45244181

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Bad and Bold

You’ll need to travel a little outside the city center for this store that specializes in biker-style fashion. Founded in 2012 its owners are bike lovers who have traveled almost 60,000 kilometers (37,500 miles) on their beloved Harley so they know their stuff. The Managing Director and owner, Barbara, also had experience as a tailor, and combined her passions to create Bad and Bold. If you’re not willing to make the ride out to Rosenheim don’t worry — their new city center store is scheduled for 2018.

Bad and Bold, Unterrain 2, Tuntenhausen, Germany, +49 806 7204 0000

The Bad and Bold truck store © Bad and Bold

The Bad and Bold truck store © Bad and Bold

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What makes Edited interesting is that it manages to bring together not only a wide range of styles, designer and non-designer, but also a wide range of prices. Most boutiques aren’t cheap, but you’ll find everything from a €35 to a €170 sweater here. For guys, their range tends to be young and casual with a slight sporty feel. Its success at pulling together a unique collection across all price points has seen it grow to three stores, one each in Munich, Berlin, and Hamburg.

Edited, Amalienstraße 57, München, Germany, +49 89 2878 7614

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Rather than a boutique, WORMLAND is an up and coming German high street store with a range of styles and prices to match — think H&M but you’re unlikely to see everyone wearing it. They have everything from basics to some seriously smart jackets, and now have nine stores throughout Germany. They consider themselves a “lifestyle” brand, and started their own record label in 2009 as well as a non-commercial art collection that includes photography, media, and contemporary painting.

WORMLAND, Marienplatz 28, München, Germany, +49 89 236 6340