The Best Falafel Restaurants in Mitte, Berlin

Beautiful sunset in Mitte, Berlin
Beautiful sunset in Mitte, Berlin | © yury kozyrev / Flickr
Photo of Alice Dundon
30 April 2018

Mitte is more than just the centre of Berlin, it’s also a thriving, cosmopolitan hub in the city. The neighbourhood has an ever-evolving character and houses a mixed blend of fine dining restaurants, cheap eats and tasty food stalls. Among them are some of the tastiest falafel spots in the city.


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Yarok mixed platter | © Kars Alfrink/ Flickr | © Kars Alfrink / Flickr

Bringing Syrian cuisine to Berlin is Yarok, meaning ‘green’ in Hebrew and symbolising solidarity between people. This welcoming, cosy restaurant, located on the quieter end of Torstraße brings together a rich blend of flavours perfectly combined in a rich selection of both traditional and modern Syrian dishes. For first-timers, the mixed platter is a must-try, as it shows off the fresh produce and fragrant flavours of this joint. The highlight of any Yarok dish is, of course, the falafel, deliciously crisp on the outside and spiced to perfection, making it one of the best spots in Mitte.


Cosy, Outdoors, Boutique, Traditional, Family Friendly

Dada Falafel

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Dada Falafel serves amazing falafel in the lively area just outside of Oranienburger Tor. The restaurant is a cosy classic, drawing hordes of locals daily, particularly in the summer, when its large outdoor seating area is put to good use. Every dish is an explosion of flavour and piled high with all kinds of Middle Eastern delicacies such as baba ganoush, hummus, halloumi, succulently roasted vegetables and their signature falafel.

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All Day, Takeaway


Fast Casual, Cosy, Relaxed, Family Friendly

Babel Restaurant

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Veggie platter for two at Babel | © Jessica Spengler/ Flickr
Babel Restaurant is a Berlin food institution, located on the trendy, vibrant street that is Kastanienallee. Sitting on the border of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte, each neighbourhood wants to claim this Lebanese food joint for their own. With some of the best falafel in Berlin, large, fragrant mixed platters and plenty of outdoor tables, all adorned with fresh flowers, it’s easy to understand why. A beloved local spot, Babel is a not-to-be-missed falafel restaurant in Berlin.

Esra Berlin

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Vegan falafel wraps at Esra, Berlin
Vegan falafel wraps at Esra, Berlin | © Andy Hay / Flickr

With two locations in Mitte, Esra is the Arabic cuisine restaurant of choice in the area. Serving up crunchy, crumbly and fragrantly spiced falafel, Esra has a straightforward menu of wraps and platters, including plenty of vegan and vegetarian-friendly options. With low prices and delicious, freshly made food, there is a lot to love in this cosy Middle Eastern restaurant.

Meal service:

All Day


Cosy, Relaxed, Fast Casual, Family Friendly, Traditional

Kiez Falafel

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Mixed vegetarian platter in Berlin | © ☮ / Flickr
Kiez Falafel is the vegan and vegetarian Middle Eastern restaurant located near Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. As with most Middle Eastern joints, guests can choose between sandwiches or a mixed platter, and all the options here cater to meat-free diets. Offering perfectly seasoned and roasted vegetables, crunchy falafel and fresh salad, it’s a favourite in Mitte.

Nanoosh Berlin

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Nanoosh hummus with flat bread | © karendotcom127 / Flickr
Nanoosh’s food philosophy is all about season, with fresh and flavourful ingredients and dishes. Shaped by the rich culture and cuisine of the Mediterranean, Nanoosh offers a twist on falafel in Berlin, serving up delicious, baked falafel, crisp salads and creamy hummus.

DJIMALAYA - Hummus & Grill

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Falafel mixed plate | © jcvelis / Pixabay
Djimalaya is an Israeli restaurant located on a lively street in Mitte. The stylish spot has a diverse menu with a strong focus on hummus and grilled meats; however, they also serve up a truly delicious and healthy falafel and hummus platter that showcases their superior chickpea dishes. The perfect place for a healthy and delicious meal in Mitte, it’s a prime hummus and falafel spot.