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Munich Christmas market | © Gellinger / Pixabay
Munich Christmas market | © Gellinger / Pixabay
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The Best Christmas Markets in Munich

Picture of Evelyn Smallwood
Updated: 3 November 2017
During Advent, Christmas markets in German city squares turn the magic right up. They are noticeably low on obnoxious music, with super-sweet Glühwein in plentiful supply, and strolling around looking for the perfect wooden ornament is a treat, no matter how cold the weather. Here are our favourite Christmas markets in the beautiful city of Munich.
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The grandaddy of all Christmas markets in Munich, the Marienplatz market is right in the centre of town. The enormous Christmas tree festooned with lights makes it hard to miss. In addition to all the usual Christmas market accoutrements, there is live music every evening at 5.30pm on the balcony of the town hall.

Marienplatz, Munich, Germany

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Circus tents set up between the walls of an old slaughterhouse give the Märchenbazaar (‘fairy tale bazaar’) a special vibe. There are lots of food options here: you can get burritos alongside the traditional raclette and Reibkuchen. For presents, look for handmade leather goods, ponchos, elegant jewellery and wood carvings.

Viehhofgelände, Munich, Germany

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Neuheuser Strasse

Right near the Marienplatz, you will find probably the largest nativity market in all of Germany. If you are looking for a representation of the birth of Christ’s birth in wood, with an inordinate amount of detail depicted, this is the place to go.

Neuhauser Straße, Munich, Germany

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For most Germans, Christmas markets are social events. People meet colleagues after work for a Glühwein or two or use the market as a way to catch up with friends they don’t see so often. The Wintertollwood market on the Theresienwise is a market where people go to party, eat food from other countries, buy crafts and take in some live music.

Theresienwiese, Munich, Germany

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Christkindlmarkt am Sendlinger Tor

The market at Sendlinger Tor is decorated in a traditional way, but has wares on offer from all over the world. Tea, spices and fragrant oils sit alongside jewellery made from semi-precious stones. Nativity scenes from Tyrol, Peru and the Andes and crystal glass from Russia await you, as well as handmade ceramics from Latvia and soap carved into the shape of any animal you could imagine.

Sendlinger Tor, Munich, Germany

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Weihnachtsmarkt am Chinesischen Turm

Most importantly, the Christmas market at the Chinese tower inside the English Garden has two curling rinks. Grab your zaniest trousers and give the world’s best old-man sport a try. If throwing rocks down a sheet of ice and then sweeping furiously is not your thing, there is also a chance to procure the usual Christmas market items. There are plenty of wandering carollers and bratwurst to enjoy.

English Garden, Munich, Germany

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