The Best Budget Restaurants in Kreuzberg

Falafel | ©
apasciuto / Flickr
Falafel | © apasciuto / Flickr
Photo of Dayna Gross
9 October 2017

If you’re traveling on a budget, Berlin is the place for you. Besides the cheap beers you can get in any Späti, there are lots of cheap and belly-filling delights all around the city, but especially in Kreuzberg. Better to save your cash for another city in Europe, because in Kreuzberg you can get away with spending as little as 2 euros for a fresh and filling meal. Oh, and it’s real tasty, too, did we forget to mention that? Check out some of our budget-friendly recommendations below.


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Well-deserved falafel | © Alper Çuğun/Flickr

Here you can buy a falafel for only 2 euros, and the vegetables are fresh with lots of great sauces and warm pita bread. The meat-and-eat plates are very large and only 5 euros – a really great option if you’re traveling on a budget and have a big appetite. Sharing a plate with someone is also an option, since you may not be able to finish one Teller on your own.

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Sushi Cube

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Sushi | © Taisa Schmidt / Flickr

Sushi is a great option for all kinds of eaters, and Sushi Cube in Bergmannkiez has a great lunch special. For 5 euros, you can get a plate with three or four different kinds of sushi rolls and, of course, a miso soup. A great spot if you’re in the neighborhood and hear a growl in your belly.

Hoai Nam

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Vietnamese for lunch | © Eva Rees / Flickr

You don’t have to be a vegetarian to love Hoai Nam tofu. Hoai Nam is a great spot in the Wrangelkiez for meat-eaters and vegetarians alike. Their lunch menu is budget-friendly, and their portions are even friendlier. A Vietnamese delight for sure.

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Südblock, Berlin
Südblock, Berlin | Kumbia Queers @ Südblock | © Montecruz Foto / Flickr

What a magnificent place – even if you’re not hungry you should go to Südblock just for a coffee, just for the atmosphere, just for the disco balls on the ceiling. They probably have the best French fries in Berlin, and their menu is quite interesting and relatively cheap. You certainly won’t leave hungry.


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It’s impossible not to mention too many Turkish restaurants when talking about Berlin’s Kreuzberg. Besides the fact that it’s the best cuisine in Berlin, many would argue Berlin is more Turkish than German. The staff at Alisna is one of the friendliest, and the portions and food are a great price and a great bite. We highly recommend the Kumpir.


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Berlin - Burgermeister Burger
Berlin - Burgermeister Burger | © Jordan LAB / Flickr

Is Burgermeister the most famous burger joint in the world? We’d like to think so. Located at Schlesisches Tor, their burgers can tempt even a vegetarian to break their diet for a flavorful meaty meal. The prices are reasonable, and the wait is most definitely worth it.


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Falafel Teller with Salad and Hummus | © Vicchi / Flickr

Maroush is great for a quick belly-filling sandwich, or for a group meal of dips, pita breads, and dishes full of Lebanese flavor and fun, all in the heart of Kotti. The vegetables are crunchy and fresh, and the sauces are like no other shawarma spot. Go for the beef if you go for Maroush – you won’t regret it.

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