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Courtesy of MDC Cosmetic
Courtesy of MDC Cosmetic
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The Best Boutiques In Berlin For Christmas Shopping

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 13 December 2016
Berliners are notoriously cool, so it’s important that the Christmas gifting fit the part. Here are some of the best boutiques around the city, guaranteed to match the tastes and chic standards of anyone on your list this season.
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Süper Store

For something tasteful and top quality, this teeny shop in Kreuzberg’s Graefekiez is sure to deliver. Find everything from textiles and pillows to small decorations, like a set of shining gold scissors shaped like a stork and all-natural deodorant. Stock is always changing, and each item is carefully arranged and expertly selected to make each trip to Süper Store an utter delight. This is the spot for conjuring up something thoughtful that will, no doubt, be cherished. With a broad array of different things on offer, this shop’s eclectic inventory promises something for every set of tastes.

Dieffenbachstraße 12, Berlin, Germany, +49 30 98327944

Wald Berlin

For the jewelry lover on your shopping list, do something special by personalizing a piece from Wald Berlin. The two ladies behind the brand, a model and a stylist, have created one of the most exciting jewelry lines in the city. From their customizable lettered bracelets and necklaces to the multitude of completely unique earrings and other accessories, an item from Wald will add the perfect touch to any ensemble. While the store on Schonhauser Allee has closed, everything can be found this Christmas on their online shop.

Courtesy of Wald Berlin
Courtesy of Wald Berlin | Courtesy of Wald Berlin
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MDC Cosmetic

For the sophisticated person on your list, nothing will suit them better than a carefully selected lotion, cream, soap, or toner from MDC Cosmetic. Pamper that special someone with something they may not otherwise splurge on for themselves. Head to Prenzlauer Berg to peruse this beautifully neat and clean shop filled with bottles, potions, and elixirs of all kinds. The aproned staff are happy to help, and the former manager of Andreas Murkudis, Melanie dal Canton, is the one behind the operation, so the aesthetics and quality of the merchandise never disappoint. Find brands like Aesop and other phenomenal products imported from all over Europe and beyond.

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Looking for something a bit sassy? A garment from DSTM is certain to make anyone feel adored and sexy. Find lots of irresistible strappy black leather and silk pieces fit for any queen of hearts on your list. These gorgeous pieces are designed to flatter the body’s natural curves and contours while also offering the support and comfort necessary for slaying as a boss lady. Expert craftsmanship and care go into each item, and a gift from DSTM will quickly become a favorite. All pieces are made with the ecological footprint in mind, and top quality, functional fabrics are used in this lingerie and bodywear.

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Happy Shop Global Alliance

Once the holiday festivities fade and we’re all left to drudge through the next three months of dull winter, give your friend or loved one something that will last. A bright and cheerful piece from Happy Shop will definitely do the trick. Better yet, surprise them with a gift card and allow them to peruse this pleasant boutique themselves. As you step inside, you are greeted with a burst of rainbow fabrics representing a myriad of different brands. You are also likely to stumble upon some rare pieces sourced from around the world.

Dream closet includes electric pulley system. #mapxberlin

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Lala Berlin

No Berlin-based designer label is as elegant and eloquently feminine as Lala Berlin. Give the next person on your life something from Lala Berlin, and they will have the clothing they need to dress for the nines, whilst also doing so amongst the likes of Natalie Portman and Claudia Schiffer who are also known to be major fans of this shop in Mitte. Each collection is more imaginative and more apt in capturing the authentic spirit of the women who choose to call Berlin home. This season’s collection, comprised of dark tones, daring fabric choices, and a splash of hot pink, is more intriguing than ever.

Alte Schönhauser Straße 3D, Berlin, Germany, +49 (0) 30 20095363

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The Amazing Crocodile

The Amazing Crocodile is an extraordinary interior design shop and concept store dedicated to showcasing and selling experimental pieces by young designers and artists. Give your friend or loved one something to remember with a quirky statement piece from this boutique in Mitte. Expect all kinds of innovative and multipurpose gear that would leave anyone intrigued and entertained whilst simultaneously enhancing the look of their interiors. They even have a mish-mashed Christmas-themed matreshka along with a number of utterly unique furnishings, light fixtures, wall hangings, and more.