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The Best Brunch Spots In Stuttgart, Germany
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The Best Brunch Spots In Stuttgart, Germany

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Updated: 11 October 2016
Stuttgart is a city in southern Germany and the capital of Baden-Wurttemberg. Set in a landscape of a fertile valleys and dark forests, it has a rich culinary tradition. And where better to start exploring it than with brunch? We pick the best spots to start your day in Stuttgart.
Breakfast parfait | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly's
Breakfast parfait | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly’s
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Academie der schoensten Kuenste

This charming cafe-bar in Charlottenstrasse is full of art and lives up to its name nicely (“Academy of the Best Arts”). The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, with gentle lighting and a location that is perfect if you want to start your day with a breakfast close to the city center.

Academie der schoensten Kuenste, 5 Charlottenstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 242436

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Cafe Lilly’s

This is a cozy place to start your day, and Cafe Lilly’s has its own special character that will draw you in. Not to mention the fresh and delicious sandwiches, great coffee, friendly service and the pleasant owners.

Cafe Lilly’s, 44 Rotebuehlstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 63362628

Delicious omelet | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly's
Delicious omelet | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly’s
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Deli is an interesting brunch and breakfast suggestion in Stuttgart, with a wide range of delicacies on offer. You should try the pancakes, the cakes, the yogurt with fruit or indeed anything else from the menu as you can’t really go wrong.

Deli, 7 Geissstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 2360200

Healthy sandwich | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly's
Healthy sandwich | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly’s
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Klaibers Cafe

Klaibers is a high-quality confiserie-chocolaterie, which is located at Koenig-Karl-Strasse and offers tables outside when the weather’s fine. It will definitely fascinate lovers of chocolate and sweet delicacies in general with its range of pastries and cocoa-inspired treats.

Klaibers Cafe, 18 Koenig-Karl-Strasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 567490

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Café Le Théâtre

Café Le Théâtre has been a fixture in Stuttgart for 25 years and nowadays it is widely acknowledged as a vital part of the city’s identity, with friendly and lively atmosphere and high quality food. The breakfast menu is particularly good, with classic European breakfast dish choices.

Café Le Théâtre, 6 Bolzstrasse, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 2262610

Breakfast wraps | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly's
Breakfast wraps | Courtesy of Cafe Lilly’s
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Neuer Ochsen Stuttgart-Vaihingen

Located on the Schwabenplatz square of Stuttgart, Neuer Ochsen Stuttgart-Vaihingen offers a rich breakfast buffet full of delicious options. The staff are friendly and prepared to answer all your questions and make suggestions for you from the menu depending on your preferences.

Neuer Ochsen Stuttgart-Vaihingen, 3 Schwabenplatz, Stuttgart, Germany, +49 711 7072918