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The Best Bars In Heidelberg, Germany
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The Best Bars In Heidelberg, Germany

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Τhe picturesque city of Heidelberg, built on the shores of Neckar, used to be the center of German romanticism and is the place where the first German university was established. Nowadays, it is a highly preferred tourist destination with a number of attractions, like the Altstadt and the palace. Here’s our guide to some of Heidelberg’s best bars.
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Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus

Vetter’s is famous for brewing the world’s strongest beer at 33% alcohol content: the great Vetter 33 ale. Located very close to the shores of Neckar river, this bar offers friendly service, great snacks and food (try the mixed salads, the sausages and the schnitzels) and an endless variety of beers.

Vetter’s Alt Heidelberger Brauhaus, 9 Steingasse street, Heidelberg, Germany, +49 6221 165850

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P11 Cafe-Bar

This is a friendly hotspot on Bahnhofstrasse, open all day long. This bar has some interesting lunch options and a quality selection of beers and drinks.

P11 Cafe-Bar, 63 Bahnhofstrasse, Heidelberg, Germany, +49 6221 6593223

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Sonderbar serves great beers and plays alternative rock music. There’s a great atmosphere and reasonable prices.

Sonderbar, 13 Untere Strasse, Heidelberg, Germany, +49 6221 25200

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Jinx is a modern bar with club atmosphere, serving beers, drinks, cocktails and champagnes. A dynamic place, ideal for those who prefer intense nightlife, loud music, dancing and partying.

Jinx bar, 20 Untere Strasse, Heidelberg, Germany, +49 6221 5997494

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Mel’s Bar

Mel’s Bar is synonymous with fun in the historic city of Heidelberg: a party atmosphere, great drinks and endless dancing.

Mel’s Bar, 1 Heiliggeiststrasse, Heidelberg, Germany, +49 6221 6577447

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O’ Reilly’s Irish Pub

Like any other city in the world, Heidelberg also has its authentic Irish pub. O’ Reilly’s serves traditional Irish breakfast and meals, beers and drinks. It becomes especially crowded during the live music nights, the karaoke nights, as well as the nights when sport events are projected on the TVs.

O’ Reilly’s Irish Pub, 1 Brueckenkopfstrasse, Heidelberg, Germany, +49 6221 410140