The Best Coffee Houses And Cafes In Stuttgart, Germany

Breakfast Time © Java
Breakfast Time © Java
Stuttgart is one of Germany‘s largest and most industrial cities, home to Mercedez-Benz and Porsche. One of the city’s mottos is ‘Stuttgart offers more’ and it does. There is more of everything here, including more attractive coffee houses.


Tarte und Toertchen

France is famous for its delicious pastries, but Germany is not far behind. In Tarte und Toertchen you will find not only freshly made coffee, but a variety of both sweet and savory pastries, with the perfect texture to go along with your choice of coffee. A morning of fresh coffee and a warm pastry will start your day right.

Gutbrodstraße 1, 70197 Stuttgart, +49 711 91253505

© PRA/Coffee Shop/Wiki Commons

Coffee shop | © PRA/Wiki Commons

List Cafe & Delicatessen

If you want to feel like you’re in a home away from home while traveling through southwest Germany, then the List Cafe & Delicatessen will easily become your favorite coffee shop. It is a cute little gem with a great assortment of coffees, hot chocolates, teas, homemade cakes, marmalades, etc. Basically, anything and everything you could combine coffee with, you will find it at the List Cafe & Delicatessen. Located in the heart of Stuttgart, it is easy to find, and the friendly staff will be more than happy to accommodate you in the outdoor seating area on a fine day.

Liststraße 25, 70180 Stuttgart, +49 711 51872747

Hafendorfer Mit Cafe Chameleon

Hafendorfer Mit Cafe Chameleon is truly one of Stuttgart’s best coffee houses. It has the best selection of coffees and amazing yogurt cakes. Don’t forget to try their cinnamon and chocolate cakes and some of their sandwiches. Although the place runs short on staff, the waiters will be more than welcoming to you.

Spezialitäten Bäckerei und Konditorei Hafendörfer OHG Heusteigstr. 35, 70180 Stuttgart, +49 711 245422

Coffee House | © Arnaud 25/Wiki Commons

Coffee House | © Arnaud 25/Wiki Commons

Cafe Heller

Cafe Heller is another easy-to-find coffee shop in Stuttgart. Although they don’t have an English menu, the friendly staff will go out of their way to help you order what you want. There is so much fresh food that you could choose from that you may have to return multiple times while visiting Stuttgart just to taste it all.

 Herzogstraße 4, 70176 Stuttgart, +49 711 625874


The hills surrounding Stuttgart offer splendid views, but you need to be at the right place. Aussichtsreich is probably your best choice. Here you can enjoy a good meal and a freshly made cup of coffee or a beer – Aussichtsreich is also very famous for their excellent choice of beers. It also has stunning views over Stuttgart’s vineyards. Public transportation makes it easy to get up and down from Aussichtsreich, so make sure you make time to visit.

Auerbachstraße 182, 70376 Stuttgart, +49 711 851424

The hills in Stuttgart seen from the zoo | ©Tambako The Jaguar/ Flickr

The hills in Stuttgart seen from the zoo | ©Tambako The Jaguar/ Flickr