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Vancouver Skyline | © Socceronly/WikiCommons
Vancouver Skyline | © Socceronly/WikiCommons
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The Most Exciting Startup Neighborhoods Around The World

Picture of Lily Cichanowicz
Updated: 7 November 2016
We’ve all heard about the economic prowess of the Silicon Valley. Additionally, many might think of booming metropolises such as London and New York City as places where economic ventures and young companies have the best chance of gaining headway. Though these cities have impressive startup scenes of their own, but there are dozens of other cities around the world with burgeoning startup industries.
Berlin | ©Thomas Wolf,

Mitte, Berlin

Berlin is one of the most well known startup capitals in Europe. It has even earned the nickname Silicon Allee, a spin off of the famed Silicon Valley in California. Mitte in particular is the prevailing financial hub of the city. It is home the headquarters of SoundCloud, and Zalando, JobSpotting, Wooga, and Trademob can be also found in Mitte. There are lots of meet-ups and other important events for investors and founders located in this part of the city as well. An up-and-coming neighborhood in Berlin to watch is Kreuzberg, which is also becoming a significant hub in Berlin’s startup scene.

Grand Canal Square
Grand Canal Square | © William Murphy/Flickr

Canal Dock, Dublin

In the last decade Dublin has emerged on the map as an important startup city. The Grand Canal Dock area in particular is the site of tech giants like Facebook and Google. The presence of these companies was a real game changer in the area, bringing talent, know-how, and capital to get things up and running. Two notable local startups in Grand Canal Dock include FoodCloud and Storyful. The reason Dublin seems to attract even more international talent is that it is a culturally vibrant city where a variety of people can easily integrate and establish successful companies.