The 11 Best Day Trips from Nuremberg, Germany

Bamberg Castle | © 591630 / Pixabay
Bamberg Castle | © 591630 / Pixabay
Photo of Anwesha Ray
13 November 2017

If you find yourself with more time after absorbing the rich history and culture of Nuremberg, you are in luck! There are several interesting places to explore near Nuremberg, and you are sure to find at least a few that interest you. Read on as we spoil you with choices of romantic towns, UNESCO sites, a somber concentration camp, a fun family outing, and lots more.


The captivating town of Bamberg is laid on seven hills and is largely a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Medieval charm, gorgeous Baroque architecture, quaint pubs, and the harmonious coexistence of historic squares with modern shops make it one of the most popular spots in Bavaria. The most iconic sight in Bamberg is the Old Town Hall perched over River Regnitz. When in town, don’t miss Altenburg Castle, Old Court, Cathedral Square, New Residence, and St. Michael’s Monastery.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 61 km (38 miles)

Historical city hall of Bamberg on the bridge across the river Regnitz, Bamberg, Germany I | © byvalet/Shutterstock

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a gem along Germany’s iconic Romantic Road. This quaint town boasting an impeccably preserved medieval heart, is steeped in history and romance. Its flower-box windows, narrow cobbled alleys, adorable shops, and half-timbered houses have made millions of tourists fall in love with it. Don’t miss the Criminal Museum and Christmas Museum during your visit.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 81 km (50 miles)

Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Franconia, Bavaria | © Canadastock / Shutterstock


A picture-perfect yet underhyped town in Germany, Regensburg promises a day of beautiful views and 2000 years of history. Straddled on the Danube River, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is best known for its amazing architecture – stunning Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque churches, colorful houses from the 12th and 13th centuries, as well as contemporary structures. The bridge connecting the Old Town with the modern part of the city provides a perfect photo opportunity.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 113 km (70 miles)

View from Danube on Regensburg Cathedral and Stone Bridge in Regensburg, Germany I | © Mikhail Markovskiy/Shutterstock


If you are fascinated by ancient architecture and rich history, Würzburg is perfect for you. The most famous landmark in Würzburg is the UNESCO-listed Royal Residence that boasts a unique harmony of French château architecture, Viennese Baroque style, and secular Italian influence. Visitors are welcome to take a tour of its lavish interiors. When in town, don’t miss the Marienberg Fortress, Old Bridge, Hofkirche and the Cathedral.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 109 km (68 miles)

Historic city of Wurzburg with bridge Alte Mainbrucke, GermanyI | ©Elena Kharichkina/Shutterstock


Erlangen is an unassuming, shy town that is often overshadowed by its more famous neighbor, Nuremberg. However, a town whose history goes back over a thousand years is certainly a worthy stop for a day trip. The most popular landmark in Erlangen is the Palace, along with the beautiful palace gardens and botanical garden. For a relaxed day, stroll its well-preserved medieval squares and grab a hearty German meal in the Old Town.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 21 km (13 miles)

Erlangen Castle | renegrothmann / Pixabay


Coburg is a charming town on the River Itz that is not yet overrun by tourists. It houses the 15th-century Ehrenburg Palace built in Gothic Revival style, whose ornate interior is surely worth a trip. Also, check out the Callenberg Castle and the huge Coburg Fortress. Coburg is credited with hosting one the most magical Christmas markets in Bavaria.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 109 km (68 miles)

Courtesy of Tourismus und Stadtmarketing/Citymanagement Coburg | © Tourismus und Stadtmarketing/Citymanagement Coburg

Flossenberg Concentration Camp

Flossenberg Concentration Camp is a reminder of the horrors of Nazism and the Holocaust. A tour of the camp gives you a sobering glimpse of the suffering and torture thousands of innocent people went through. The administration block, wash-house, crematorium, detention cells, laundry, dining room, and guard towers have been impeccably preserved or restored. Gardens of remembrance have been built in honor of the victims. Entry to the camp is free, but you can leave a donation if you wish.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 138 km (86 miles)


This historic town of Berching is often overlooked by tourists, and the locals wouldn’t have it any other way. Time seems to have stood still in this beautiful Bavarian town, affectionately called the “Jewel of the Middle Ages.” The appeal of Berching lies in its fully preserved city wall ring from the 15th century, complete with towers and gates. The town is punctuated with beautiful town houses, an ornate Baroque church, narrow alleys, and charming medieval squares.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 59 km (37 miles)

Berching | © tassilo111 / Pixabay

Weltenburg Abbey and Kloster

The Weltenburg Abbey and Kloster is not just a monument but a history lesson. This Benedictine monastery was founded way back in 600 AD, making it the oldest monastery in Bavaria. It enjoys a picturesque location on the peninsula on the River Danube near the northern slopes of the Arzberg mountain, and proudly guards the entrance to the Danube Gorge. Visit the monastery to admire its frescoes, oil paintings, and ancient organs and alters.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 111 km (69 miles)

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Iphofen is a tiny Bavarian town enjoying a tranquil existence at the foothills of the Schwanberg Mountain near the River Main. This 741 AD town deserves a stop especially for its impeccably preserved medieval city wall, which is a rarity in modern times. Strolling past its Baroque town hall, St. Vitus Church, and Heilig Blut Church and checking out a few of its museums guarantee a pleasant day trip.

Distance from Nuremberg: Approximately 93 km (58 miles)

Iphofen | © ufravino / Pixabay