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The 10 Best Restaurants In Innenstadt, Frankfurt
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Innenstadt, Frankfurt

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Frankfurt Am Main is described as the ‘smallest metropolis’ in the world. A busy, bustling financial sector of Germany, it has a lot to discover. Consequently, this city attracts a wide variety of people. Almost 1 in 3 people who do not hold a German passport. The city center, or Innenstadt, represents the meeting point of all of these cultures, with a variety of cuisines to match. We pick the top 10 restaurants in the neighborhood.
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Restaurant Ariston

Ironically, Greek cuisine ranks first for the busy district Innenstadt, Germany. Located in the center of Frankfurt, this authentic Greek restaurant offers delicious classic Greek dishes with a modern twist. High ceilings, massive columns and spacious surroundings create a relaxing environment for visitors to truly experience the delights of the southern Mediterranean kitchen. Combined with its excellent service and affordable prices, this restaurant is a must visit while in the Innenstadt area.

Heiligkreuzgasse 29, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 92039950

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Restaurant Medici

With its impressive wall art, stretched across the far end of the restaurant, and tables lined with pressed white table cloths and polished china, Medici’s feels undoubtedly fine dining. However, despite its airs and graces, it is surprisingly affordable. Not entirely budget friendly, but reasonable for the fresh, Mediterranean cuisine. This restaurant is ideal for a romantic evening, offering carefully selected set courses and an assorted wine list from multiple continents.

Weißadlergasse 2, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 21990794

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A multi-cultural city would not be complete with out a piece of Japan. In true Japanese style, Iwase is small, with customers sitting close to one another on long benches. This atmosphere allows Iwase to bring an authentic piece of Tokyo to the streets of Innenstadt. Served by Japanese waiters, which only adds to the authenticity, enjoy traditional fresh Japanese cuisine, but book ahead, due to it’s small size Iwase fills up fast.

Vilbeler Str. 31, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 283992

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The district of Innenstadt is known to be multi-cultural, offering a whole host of global cuisine, but Salzkammer offers the closest you’ll get to traditional German food. Although, in fact, Austrian, Salzkammer also provides authentic German dishes allowing visitors a true taste of their destination. Of particular note is the schnitzel in a crunchy almond breadcrumb crust. With a great outdoor seating area and knowledgable staff, this is a perfectly affordable visit for those wanting to experience dishes of the nation.

Weißadlergasse 15, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 15393000

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Ethiopian food is not one that springs straight to mind when dining in Germany, but this little restaurant brings African culture to the heart of Frankfurt. Its modest African interior shines with vibrance and the promise of deliciously different flavours, including African banana beer. The perfect place for a group of people as it offers delicate and spicy flavours on ‘sharing plates’ for affordable prices. Suitable for vegetarians.

Alte G. 69, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 21998786

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Romer Pils Brunen

For a true taste of Frankfurt, this Gastropub is friendly, with a good local following and traditional great German grub. With its relaxed and cozy atmosphere, this pub offers an aura of authenticity as its filled with the locals of Innenstadt. Modest, simplistic décor, but serving far from basic food, this is the perfect place for those looking to experience an easy and authentic feel of small town Germany.

Töngesgasse 19, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 287712

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Pasta Davini

What do you get when three great female Italian chefs come together? Pasta Davini. The popular Italian restaurant feels like a homely Italian apartment. It’s charming and quaint, fulfilling its name by offering brilliant homemade pasta. Alongside friendly and attentive service, the intimate atmosphere makes you feel like one of the locals.

Heiligkreuzgasse 9A, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 57805106

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This little gastro pub is the perfect place to indulge in the German love of meats; from pork axes, grilled meats and leberkase (similar to a liver, loaf-shaped sausage). This restaurant cannot be described ‘high end’ but is perfect for those wanting a quick stop in a chilled atmosphere with simple tasty food. Located close to the train station in the old town, this pub attracts a wide variety of people and truly captures local tradition. Warm, relaxed and welcoming: a perfect stop for those not wanting anything too fancy.

Grosse Friedberger Str. 8, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 296767

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Buffalo Steakhaus

German cuisine is no stranger to good meats, and this is place designed to capitalise on this taste. Buffalo Steakhouse offers a decent and affordable rib eye steak to satisfy any carnivorous cravings. The dishes are simple, but effective, focusing on perfectly cooked steaks, offset by a range of sauces and sides.

Kaiserhofstraße 18-20, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 285796

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Italian can never be over-done, so it’s no surprise that Quattro, a traditional Italian restaurant ,makes it onto the top 10 list. Quattro is spacious with a big outside area, making it perfect for families, couples, friends and work colleagues. This restaurant truly embraces the Italian tradition of appealing to all. The food is fresh, with the meat and fish caught daily and homemade pasta. It’s exceptionally affordable, with a menu specializing in a few special dishes across each traditional Italian cuisine.

Gelbehirschstraße 12, Frankfurt am Main, Germany +49 69 293777