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Top Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Hamburg's Old Town, Germany
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Top Breakfast And Brunch Spots In Hamburg's Old Town, Germany

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Updated: 5 November 2016
Hamburg’s gastronomy is about far more than just Hamburgers. From breakfast to supper, there are gourmet delights to delight even the fussiest foodie. Visit one of the top 10 brunch spots in this northern German gem.
Croissants and Coffee | © pacino91es / Flickr
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Café Absurd

There’s nothing absurd about breakfast at this local spot. Although the menu is in German, waiters are more than happy to translate a cornucopia of baked goods, coffee, cheeses and meats. With comfy sofas and cheap prices, it is the perfect way to start the day – especially if you order the croissants. Pick up the local papers, find a cozy nook and get settled in.

Café Absurd, Clemens-Schultz-Straße 84, 20359 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 3171122

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Gluck Und Seling

Tucked away in Eimsbuettel, Gluck und Selig is a great breakfast destination, serving up tarts, crumbs and coffee. It can get packed during the lunch hour, but beat the crowds and head over in the morning instead. Interiors resemble a country cottage in style, with pretty white-washed and wooden furnishings and a vintage-esque glass display cupboard.They have a great selection of coffees, as well as other hot drinks such as Chai, Green Tea, hot chocolate and that European favourite, Ovomaltine.

Gluck und Selig, Heußweg 97, 20255 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 32518975

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If you are sick of savory breakfasts and are craving a sweeter selection, look no further than Zuckermonarchie. As the name suggests, this is a spot specializing in sugary treats, from pretty pastel macarons to a full afternoon tea. The decor feels like a modern French tea room. Beautiful soft colors contrast with contemporary clear Louis XIV-style plastic chairs. It’s a relaxing, feminine spot and perfect for a get-together or a tea-stop amid sightseeing.

Zuckermonarchie, Taubenstraße 15, 20359 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 38630682

Image courtesy of Zuckermonarchie
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Though the restaurant is decorated with vintage tastes, the flavors served up here are anything but dated. Gnosa is just a few steps from the Central Station and serves all day brunches and delicious sweets to go along with a fabulous selection of teas. They are famous throughout the city for their cakes, with a massive choice of 25 in their roster. There’s also an impressive torte buffet case to tempt you at any hour of the day.

Gnosa, Lange Reihe 93, 20099 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 243034

Café May

Hungry? Then Café May is you place. It serves a huge breakfast buffet, covering pastries, cheeses, meats, eggs, vegetables and more. It gets crowded, but this creates a lingering breakfast buzz that can continue well into the afternoon at the weekend. There are locations dotted across the city, each with their own opening times. Some even serve breakfast until 2pm in the afternoon

Check website for addresses

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Bistro Tati

Feeling more like indulging in petit déjeuner than Frühstück? Bistro Tati offers traditional French foods, such as galettes, crepes, cheeses and wines. Its breakfast menu is only available at the weekend, but it’s worth the wait. Customers rave about their crepes and galettes (thin pancakes originating in Normandy). Both are available for takeaway, but are best enjoyed in the pretty cafe, complete with antique French-style furnishings and the occasional live band.

Bistro Tati, Bellealliancestraße 35, 20259 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 18017611

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A quaint little cafe, Osterdeich prides itself on its welcoming and friendly atmosphere. It doesn’t hurt that the breakfast is also great, with a selection of everything from fruit salad to croissants served with homemade marmalade. if you’re feeling indulgent, they also do a good line in cupcakes, beautifully decorated and favorite of local parties and events. It’s pretty small, so be prepared to get cozy with the neighboring tables.

Osterdeich, Müggenkampstraße 35, 20257 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 43274650

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A popular Sunday brunch spot, Pauline buzzes with a local and tourist crowd, all eager to sample the homey decor and the homemade foods. Breakfast platters include a cheese selection, cold cuts, and even a vegan breakfast. There’s a scrambled egg menu and, for healthy breakfasters, a pretty extensive fresh juice selection. For the rest of us, there are plenty of coffees, teas and other hot breakfast beverages.

Pauline, Neuer Pferdemarkt 3, 20359 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 41359964

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Lieblingsplatz means ‘favourite place’, and this could easily become your top breakfast spot in Hamburg. The restaurant is buzzing with a youthful, cool energy, perfectly suited to its Harbour City location. Interiors are bold and contemporary and coffee highly recommended. Do as the locals do and pair it with a made-to-order omelet for the perfect start to the day

Lieblingsplatz, Osakaallee 8, 20457 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 30085788

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With its casual atmosphere and outdoor playground, SternChance is a great place for families to enjoy brunch. There is always a big selection of food at the buffet, which is filled with local produce and fresh ingredients. The atmosphere is pretty casual, but the quality remains top notch. Head over in summer when you can really enjoy the indoor / outdoor setting.

SternChance, Schröderstiftstraße 7, 20146 Hamburg, Germany, +49 40 4301168